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Side by side photos of power lines down in a driveway and a large tree that had blocked a driveway until a section was cut out with a chainsaw

Be Safe

With many towns reporting significant numbers of their utility customers still without power, cell coverage spotty, and fallen trees and power lines making some roads still dangerous, we would like to stress that your No.1 job is to stay safe.
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Sponsor Spotlight: On The Mend

On The Mend and RVNAhealth have been partners and friends for several years, and share a dedication to the health, comfort and safety of their patients and customers.
A collage of photos with Kerry Anne Ducey with Evelyn Wisner; Theresa Santoro at the annual bocce tournament; working at the 2016 Spring Breakfast; and of one of the decorated doors that she judged in a friendly staff contest

Volunteer Spotlight: Kerry Anne Ducey

An RVNAhealth supporter for over a decade, Kerry Anne has played many different roles for the organization, always acting as a true ambassador for our mission and a champion of our team.
A happy private duty nurse with a stethoscope talks to an elderly

RVNAhealth Adds In-Home Private Duty Nursing to its Service Lineup

Because Private Duty Nursing operates outside of the realm of insurance, access to services can be immediate and flexible, offered in-home or at a patient’s facility, with no limitations on time or length of service.
A collage of Duane with the box that the Green Bay Packers sent him, a note signed by Aaron Rodgers, and Duane sitting in a chair with a Green Bay football and pennant in his lap

Yet Another Reason to be a Green Bay Packers Fan … (even if you live in the Northeast)

When Duane Larsen, a Ridgefield resident and RVNAhealth hospice patient, could not find his treasured Green Bay Packers cap, his nurse sounded the alarm to the RVNAhealth Wishes team.
Kris Greco guides an RVNAhealth female patient through balance exercises at a barre

What’s the “Big” Deal? Physical Therapist Kris Greco Shares.

In this interview, Kris explains what brought her to RVNAhealth; why she finds it gratifying to share the LSVT Big therapy program with patients living with Parkinson’s disease; and why you might not want to get in a rhyming contest with her.
Five smiling boys and girls crouched on the ground with their hands under their chins, wearing colorful sunglasses

Well-Child Clinics are Open for Registration

This year, the clinics are particularly important as the Coronavirus pandemic has caused profound delays in routine screenings and immunizations.
A young girl wearing a blue and white polka dotted top looks at the hand of her doctor who is applying alcohol to her shoulder before giving her an immunization.

Keep Kids Current

As travel and social distancing, both domestically and internationally, relax now or in the future, the importance of immunizing children becomes increasingly important.
Bill Bagley and RVNAhealth's Casey Sarmiere following a therapy session. On favorable days, and when appropriate, therapy sessions may include a trip around the RVNAhealth building.

5 Things You Need to Know about …

Learn all about the RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, located at 27 Governor Street in Ridgefield, CT .
Felix, in his wheelchair, and his daughter, in front of the On the Mend van that contains his new recliner

What a Difference a Chair Makes!

Felix, 93, was due for a new chair, and when On the Mend heard that his chair often serves as his bed for comfort, they went the luxurious route.
Partners and employees at Reynolds + Rowella, LLP, enjoy coffee and conversation at the 2018 RVNAhealth Spring Breakfast

Once Upon a Breakfast…

When Tom Reynolds, a founding partner of Reynolds & Rowella, LLP (second from right) joined us at the 2001 RVNAhealth Spring Breakfast, we had no idea that it was the start of a decades-long friendship and partnership between our organizations. But it was.
A photo of a blonde little girl wearing sunglasses, with her father who is applying sunscreen.

When it Comes to Skin Protection, Know Your ABCDEs

Visit the RVNAhealth Virtual Wellness Fair for head-to-toe wellness and self-screening information – including the American Academy of Dermatology’s skin cancer self-examination tools.
Pat Larson (center) celebrates being declared free of COVID-19 with her RVNAhealth ComfortWELL nurses Anne Felizardo, LPN, and Christine Palmer, RN, BSN.

Happily Ever Onward

Pat is one of the happier stories to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. She was considered to be at high risk for severe illness from the virus, so our hospice services were recommended to care for her.

Happy Caregiver Appreciation Week

The RVNAhealth StayWELL team celebrated their Caregivers for National Caregiver Appreciation Week from June 18 - June 24 2020
Terri Alexander (prior to surgery) discussing the stairs at her Home Safety Evaluation with RVNAhhealth's Joe Naber, OT.

Hip Hip …. delay … Hooray!

Terri Alexander was among those who were in need of surgery just as COVID-19 started to impact Connecticut. Learn how she got back in action!
Fruit salad nestled in a watermelon bowl, with a platter of wraps in the background.

What’s Done is Done! Moving on to Summer Nutrition.

Summer brings many natural ways to improve habits. Take advantage of good weather to take more walks or hikes. Partake of the colors of the rainbow in the produce section of grocery stores, which making healthy eating easier - and fun!