Private Nurse Services: When and Where You Need It

private nurse services

Many people are lucky to have health insurance covering most medical needs. However, there can be times when extra healthcare services are desired. For example, a loved one might need help understanding new medication or care routines, or they might need a blood draw but don’t feel comfortable venturing out of the house, or maybe you just want a peace of mind vitals check and someone who can speak directly to their doctor. In these situations, RVNAhealth’s StayingWELL division offers private pay nurse services from licensed RNs and LPNs, allowing patients to access a wide range of medical services, including hands-on care, consultations, advocacy, and training.

The Benefits of Private Nurse Services

Services from our private pay nurses include offerings such as medication management, pre-pours and administration, routine injections not covered by insurance, blood draws and lab delivery, diabetes care, and elective procedure recovery, to name just a few.

Private nurses can also assist patients ‘informationally.’  They can accompany patients to medical appointments — asking questions, collecting information, and providing feedback and guidance to families and loved ones.  They can provide education to patients and families, and train family caregivers on routine care needs.  For distant families, a private nurse can act as a central point of contact, providing ongoing health monitoring, managing physician communications, offering professional insights and affording peace of mind that a loved one is being well cared for and well looked after.

A significant benefit of private nursing is direct and convenient access to high-quality, personalized care when and where you need it. Because private nursing operates outside of the realm of insurance, access to services can be immediate and flexible, offered in-home or at a patient’s facility, with no limitations on time or length of service. StayingWELL’s private nurses work directly with patients’ physicians, ensuring a collaborative and individualized care plan.

Meet Corrine Muy-Cando, BSN, RN, NCPD, CFNC, Clinical Nurse Supervisor
Corrine Muy-Cando
Corrine Muy-Cando, BSN, RN, NCPD, CFNC, Clinical Nurse Supervisor

Corrine is a private nurse and Clinical Supervisor for StayingWELL’s Private Health Care Services. Corrine has 25 years of experience in the healthcare field, with experience working in both direct care and hospital settings. In particular, her years of experience caring for oncology patients, as well as the disability community and those with special needs, has driven her passion for personalized, patient-centric care.

When asked what she values most about her private nursing role, Corrine’s response was immediate, “Time for my patients!” Elaborating, she explained how fast-paced the traditional medical field has become, including the time healthcare workers have to spend with their patients. Patients and loved ones are often left feeling unsure or confused about their care routines and needs following changes to their health. “Many will only remember a portion of the instructions provided by their medical team and don’t know how to access what they’ve been instructed. This is just one example of where we help — by filling the gaps and giving patients and their loved ones as much time as needed to deliver the care and understanding they need.”

Contact Us For More Information

Private nurses are employed by RVNAhealth’s StayingWELL Services as either Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses and all have access to the entire RVNAhealth suite of services and team, ensuring seamless care and transition between services if needed. Private nursing services are available to patients in-home and at facilities located in western Connecticut. A more detailed information sheet on private nurse services can be found here. To inquire about private nurse services, please contact us at or 203.438.5555, option 2.


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