The Wellness Academy – Oh My How We’ve Grown!

Have you participated in any of our RVNAhealth Wellness Academy offerings? If you have, fantastic! If you have not, let us take a moment to invite you to check it out!

RVNAhealth has always been deeply rooted in providing more than just healthcare to the communities we serve. For years we’ve provided various educational programming at our offices or out in the community. The COVID pandemic unfortunately put a significant pause to those efforts. But in the fall of 2022, educational efforts were revived under the leadership of Kim Cafiero, RVNAhealth Marketing Director, and Lisa Fleming, Marketing Community Outreach. With a new name, the RVNAhealth “Wellness Academy” was launched and, wow, how we’ve grown!

From over 50 educational programming events and 1000 attendees in that first year, to now tracking towards 100+ events and doubling attendance in our second year back in full operation – the Wellness Academy has kept Cafiero’s and Fleming ‘s scheduling skills in top performing shape! “Ninety-five percent of our programming is offered free to the public and is delivered by RVNAhealth clinicians and health and wellness experts who willingly take time out of their day or evening schedules to present to the public. RVNAhealth is incredibly fortunate to have employees and relationships with other experts who are deeply passionate and educated in so many health and wellness areas. And we cannot go without recognizing our RVNAhealth donors, whose generosity also contributes greatly toward our ability to deliver this extensive amount of programming,” says Fleming.

What types of classes are offered?

The range of Wellness Academy topics provided are extensive and include topics such as: nutrition, exercise, osteoporosis prevention, medication management, brain health, fall prevention, Medicare enrollment, safety in the home, dementia, Parkinson’s disease management, and much more! In addition to educational classes, we also have an ongoing series of monthly support groups for bereavement, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and caregiver support. RVNAhealth Wellness Academy classes are offered year-round at our Ridgefield office and at select community locations across the various towns we serve.

How do I stay up to date with Wellness Academy offerings?

The Wellness Academy listing of available classes can be found at the RVNAhealth calendar page. When viewing events, we recommend that you follow any registration instructions in order to be kept informed of any further classes details or changes (e.g. for possible weather delays in the winter). Additionally, be sure to follow our monthly Wellness Academy article in the RVNAhealth Pulse newsletter, where we list out all classes and support groups along with registration links for the coming month.

Here’s to lifelong learning! We hope to see you soon!

The Wellness Academy can be found at the RVNAhealth Calendar site.

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