Adaptive Equipment on Someone’s Holiday List?

RVNAhealth adaptive equipment recommendations

Okay, so adaptive equipment may not actually be on your loved one’s holiday wish list.  But for those who struggle with strength, mobility, or sensory issues, adaptive equipment can enable independence, enhance quality of life, and boost confidence. So RVNAhealth is here to offer great suggestions that might make someone’s holiday brighter!

Our clinicians are always eager to share suggestions on equipment that can make life easier when it comes to mobility and independence around the home. From kitchen, dressing, bed and bath, to grooming and beauty aids and even clothing — we’ve taken some of our clinicians’ most frequent recommendations and created a new webpage where you can browse these items and link directly through to purchase.

We welcome you to check back frequently as we continue to expand our list of recommended products. If you have questions regarding any of these products or usage, feel free to contact us.

See our RVNAhealth Adaptive Equipment Recommendations here!

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