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Your Source of Exceptional Patient Care in Connecticut Since 1914

RVNAhealth (formerly RVNA or Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association) is a private, non-profit, mission-driven organization founded and focused on care. While our name and services have evolved since our founding as a home health care agency in 1914, our guiding principles have remained steadfast: a mission to serve, exceptional patient care, and a commitment to excellence in quality and service. 

“The individuals we care for come first, and we care for the individual.”

Today, RVNAhealth provides lifelong health care and wellness services and the support and resources to maintain your highest possible level of health, and improve your quality of life and well-being. In collaboration with other healthcare professionals including your own, we provide physical therapy and in-home hospice  care services to serve all ages, stages and levels of health. This care is offered through our four families of services collectively referred to as ‘The Wells.’

Our experienced team of senior caregivers and certified nurses provide palliative care services in the comfort of your ‘home’ whether it is a private residence, assisted living or skilled nursing facility, or hospital, and also in our ‘home’ at the Center for Exceptional Care in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and across the 35+ communities we serve.

Our leadership team and board uphold the philosophy that “the individuals we care for come first, and we care for the individual.”

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Leadership Team

To work for RVNAhealth is to believe in RVNAhealth, the good we do and the lives we touch. This conviction is at the heart of all team members, beginning with the leadership team — who inspire and appreciate the excellence, integrity and compassion that surrounds them.

Who We Serve

I have a Lifeline because I live alone. I don’t want my children or my grand-children to worry about me, even though they live here in town. I do it for them.
—Emily Mayer