RVNAhealth Cultural Values

"At RVNAhealth, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in another person’s life every day. We value our diversity and inclusion, team culture, and commitment to our mission of “delivering unmatched compassionate healthcare when and where it is needed.” Bring your enthusiasm, compassion, and skills and you will become a part of something bigger than yourself at RVNAhealth."
Kelly Klein
Director of Human Resources

Our Vision, Mission & Values

RVNAhealth Cultural Values Statement
At RVNAhealth, we are a team — committed to excellence, and to each other. We work together and stand by each other with integrity and kindness — through knowns and unknowns, challenges, and successes; change and evolution. Our team is built on talent, communication, and respect and we support each other while caring expertly for those we serve.   

In the Words of Our Employees

“Everybody is very…very open minded. Everybody loves to work with each other and we all like to have one  goal which is to make sure that our clients get the help that they need”

                                 ~ Judy Ochoa, Client Services Coordinator

“On of the things I really appreciate about RVNAhealth is the sense of community. My team has been together as team for multiple years. There’s not a lot of turnover. It makes it great not only for me as a staff member, because we really get to know each other, but also for the customer because they know who is picking up the phone.”

                                   ~ Ryan Ventura, Account Manager