RVNAhealth Chronic Care Program Aims to Keep People Healthy at Home.

The RVNAhealth Chronic Care Program supports individuals with chronic conditions or disabilities at home by providing nonskilled nursing assistance to monitor their general health needs.

This program aims to keep people healthy at home by providing regular home visits which include:

  • head-to-toe assessments to monitor for any change in conditions which would necessitate a higher level of care,
  • medication pre-pours and tracking of medications (we do not dispense medications),
  • personal care, which is provided through certified home health aides.

Through these visits, patients receive maintenance support for chronic conditions like diabetes, congestive heart failure, arthritis, COPD, to name a few, using a comprehensive plan designed in conjunction with the patient’s doctor to meet individual needs and goals.

The RVNAhealth Chronic Care Program allows individuals to remain in their own homes as opposed to an institutionalized healthcare setting. The Chronic Care Program is supported by several different state Medicaid waiver programs which allow individuals to receive services, based on individual needs and goals, at a reduced cost.  Most of these programs require the patient to pay a small fee to participate.

For further information on RVNAhealth Chronic Care Management programs, please contact Olivia DoVale, RN, BSN or call 203-438-5555 x1090.


Individuals must necessitate a level of care that would require the individual to be in a medical setting if they were not receiving in-home or community care. Typically, this means that regular daily activities necessitate hands-on assistance, like bathing, dressing, eating, etc. There are also financial qualifiers that determine eligibility. For further information on RVNAhealth Chronic Care Management programs, please email Olivia DoVale or call 203-438-5555 x4.

Care Coverage–Connecticut Waiver Programs  

Connecticut offers several waiver programs for elderly individuals (aged 65 years or older) and those with physical and developmental disabilities. Eligibility is based on patient location and individual need. RVNAhealth participates in two Department of Social Services waiver programs: Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders and Katie Beckett Waiver.  These programs are administered by Department of Social Services contractors, including:

To learn more about and apply for the Connecticut Home Care for the Elders or Katie Beckett waiver programs, contact: 800-445-5394.  If eligible, ask your case manager for RVNAhealth to provide your nursing needs.

How Long is Care Provided?

Care is indefinite unless symptoms improve, worsen, or the patient’s needs change.  

For further information on RVNAhealth Chronic Care Management programs, please contact Olivia DoVale or call 203-438-5555 x2.