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Hospice Care to Provide
Comfort and Peace

Hospice Care for Comfort and Peace

RVNAhealth provides lifelong care and wellness services for all ages, stages and levels of health — including end-of-life care.

Our ComfortWELL services offer in-home hospice care for patients and their loved ones.  We focus on exceptional care as well as compassion and kindness, support and guidance, so that patients and their loved ones are able to treasure their time together.

Services include day-to-day care and support from our interdisciplinary hospice team through regular visits and assessments. We also offer in-home continuous care when needed.

Hospice Services

RVNAhealth Hospice Services provide specialized care for those diagnosed with a life-limiting condition and prognosis of six months or less. Our mission is to keep you and your loved ones as comfortable and peaceful as possible — physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually — at home, or wherever you reside. 

Hospice Care Team

Our interdisciplinary team, all hospice-certified and experienced, works closely with you and your loved ones to tailor a flexible care plan that respects your personal goals and desires while providing exceptional care and guidance. 

Hospice Care FAQs & Myths

We often encounter misconceptions and questions about hospice care, and particularly in-home hospice care. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive.  

ComfortWELL services can be seamlessly supported by other RVNAhealth WELL service families to offer coordinated care from our qualified team of health professionals.

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RVNAhealth serves 35+ towns in Connecticut

To learn more about Hospice care from RVNAhealth, call us at
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The care and support bestowed upon hospice patients and their families is deep and lasting.  It can be hard to define, but it is rarely forgotten.  

Read words from our Hospice families.

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