Fairfield County Bank ’23 Nursing Scholarships Announced

2023 Fairfield County Bank Nursing Scholarship Winners at RVNAhealth

Pictured left to right: Lauren Messina, Hospice RN; Keri Linardi, RVNAhealth Chief Clinical Officer; Dan Berta, President of Fairfield County Bank; Theresa Santoro, RVNAhealth President & CEO; Jennifer Christensen, RVNAhealth Donor Engagement Officer; Missing: Elaine Leitao, QAPI RN

The gift of education is an investment in an individual, unlocking their potential, providing knowledge, and wielding the power to shape the trajectory of their life. Each year since 2019, a fortunate few RVNAhealth staff members have been recipients of this invaluable gift, made possible by scholarships generously provided by Fairfield County Bank—a steadfast supporter and believer in the mission of RVNAhealth.

The 2023 recipients of the Fairfield County Bank Nursing Scholarships include:

Elaine Leitao, QAPI RN, HCS-D, started with RVNAhealth in 2018 as a field nurse, left the agency for a brief time, and returned in 2020 during the COVID pandemic. She is working on her MSN at Chamberlain University. “The significance of this scholarship in shaping my journey and guiding me to my present position cannot be overstated. The support from Fairfield County Bank and RVNAhealth has empowered me to strive for excellence in both personal and professional aspects. I look forward to my continued future career growth with RVNAhealth!”

Lauren Messina, RVNAhealth Hospice RN with client
Lauren Messina, Hospice RN, with client

Lauren Messina, Hospice RN, recently completed her APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) with the help of the scholarship. Joining RVNAhealth during the pandemic, she echoed similar appreciation. “I feel extremely fortunate to have been a beneficiary of the scholarship granted by Fairfield County Bank. My interest in advancing my education and returning for my APRN occurred during COVID, as I was encouraged and inspired by those around me.  The scholarship allowed me financial assistance while also providing me with a sense of support from the RVNAhealth community. I am looking forward to utilizing this advanced certification to improve the quality of the lives of those individuals we are dedicated to caring for.”

Keri Linardi, Chief Clinical Officer, RN, BSN, PHN, CHPCA is attending Central Connecticut State University to complete her Master of Science in Nursing. As both a recipient of this scholarship and clinical leader at RVNAhealth, Keri added, “These annual awards have impacted so many in the RVNAhealth organization. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Fairfield County Bank for investing in the education of our employees and not only broadening the horizons of our staff but also contributing to the strength of our team as a whole.”

A True Partner, Mentor, and Friend

Fairfield County Bank sponsorship of RVNAhealth Spring Breakfast
Fairfield County Bank table at RVNAhealth Spring Breakfast 2023
Thank you to Fairfield County Bank for donation of their billboard space to RVNAhealth
RVNAhealth billboard on I-95 in Norwalk, thanks to Fairfield County Bank!

Fairfield County Bank has been a steadfast partner of RVNAhealth for nearly three decades. Through lead sponsorships at fundraising events, serving on our Board of Directors, the Nursing Scholarship Program, donating space on their I-95 billboard in Norwalk, and through their dedicated employees who have supported us with invaluable guidance, advice, and unwavering support through numerous volunteer hours — Fairfield County Bank’s influence on RVNAhealth is beyond measure. As summarized by Theresa Santoro, MSN, RN, CHCA, President & CEO of RVNAhealth, “They stand as not just a sponsor, but a true partner, mentor, and friend. We are profoundly appreciative.”


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