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December 2023


At RVNAhealth, there is the care we deliver. And there are the people we deliver it to. People like Ray. 81 years old. A Bronze Star Vietnam veteran. Key player in The Orchids band. A mainstay in our Chronic Care program. A man of many lives.


Meet Ray

Ray is the son of immigrant parents who came to America as teenagers from Campobasso, Italy and worked hard to achieve the American Dream. Ray embraced the life he was given, serving his country in Vietnam and returning to pursue his passion for music with his band, The Orchids.

Ray’s music career was taking off when he was hit by a drunk driver at age 29. He suffered a broken femur, ruptured his spleen, and lost his left eye. Not insignificant injuries. But Ray was young and driven and he didn’t miss a beat. He donned an eye patch, rejoined his band, and returned to tour, across the country and abroad.

At 55, after decades on the road, Ray had a stroke. One of his heart valves was replaced, and a pacemaker put in. A few years later, Ray lost his wife and continued to struggle with ongoing health concerns.

As his health costs grew, Ray had no choice but to sell his home in New Milford and move into subsidized housing to make ends meet. Like many with limited health insurance, Ray was a “frequent flyer” at the local emergency room. Fortunately, the Town of New Milford saw the pattern and recognized that with the right care at home, Ray could maintain his health and avoid distressing and unnecessary hospitalizations.


Enter the RVNAhealth Chronic Care Program — and the ‘Cool Cats’

The RVNAhealth Chronic Care Program serves individuals who benefit from an added layer of nursing oversight to maintain stability – keeping an eye on them, their health, and escalating health concerns.

Ray now has a weekly visit from one of two RVNAhealth nurses – Danielle and Donna. Ever the musician, Ray calls them his “cool cats.” And they are.

Every week, they monitor Ray’s vitals, give him a thorough body check, manage his pain medications, and keep an eye on his state of health and well-being. Under their vigilant watch, Ray received same day medical care for pneumonia, when they found him confused and struggling to breathe on a routine nursing visit. Their immediacy prevented hospitalization and further complications. On another occasion, they escalated a severe case of Shingles which was threatening Ray’s working eye. Had Ray not received prompt treatment, he could have gone completely blind.

On any given day, there are 120 patients like Ray in RVNAhealth’s Chronic Care Program — individuals in need of healthcare they couldn’t otherwise afford. For these individuals, the personal relationship and professional care RVNAhealth brings is the difference between staying in the comfort of their own homes or moving into an institutional setting.


Where would people like Ray be without us? Where would we be without you?!

For 109 years, RVNAhealth has been a community-based non-proit organization that provides care for people of all ages, from birth through end of life. Today, we serve more than 5,000 people annually across 35+ Connecticut towns, with home healthcare, rehabilitation therapies, palliative and hospice care. Our donor-funded community programs for Chronic Care patients, underinsured children, and first-time, low-income mothers serve those who might not have access to care without our support.

These individuals depend on RVNAhealth to keep them safe and healthy during some of life’s most challenging times. RVNAhealth depends on financial support from individuals like you who believe that healthy communities improve the quality of life for everyone.

Please make a gift to RVNAhealth today and know that every gift — no matter the size — is critical to upholding our mission and sustaining our important work.

With sincere gratitude,

Theresa Santoro, MSN, RN, CHCA

President & CEO


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