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Impact of Your Support 

Donors empower RVNAhealth to succeed. We need and appreciate your support.

Your financial gift helps fund a number of the programs and services that we provide to individuals and communities. Programs and services that, without your support, would not be available to those who don’t have medical insurance or cannot afford the cost if not covered or reimbursed by private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. 

Mission to Serve

RVNAhealth is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the highest quality of life at every age, through compassionate health care, community and public health services, and wellness programs.

Impact of Your Support

Thanks to the support from our generous donors, RVNAhealth is in homes and communities each and every day, caring compassionately and bringing care and wellness to thousands of individuals each year.

In the past year, we spent 68% of our income on providing care, services and programs that improved the quality of lives of thousands of individuals. More specifically, RVNAhealth administered nearly 4,000 flu, pneumonia and other immunizations, provided health care to more than 2,000 patients in their homes, conducted dozens of well-child exams and over 600 blood pressure screenings at our community clinics, provided another 600+ individual screenings at our annual Health and Wellness Fair open to the public, and the care goes on…

Your contributions go even further by allowing us to train and certify our nurses, therapists and hospice care team in the latest medical skills and treatments, care giving techniques, and wellness/preventative care services, so that individuals and the 28 communities we serve across Connecticut get access to advanced, high quality care—when, where and how it is needed.

Delivering Our Promise

RVNAhealth promises to deliver consistent excellence through the highest standard of individualized care and community wellness. It is through your donation that we are able to continue to deliver on our promise-each and every day. Thank you.

Support Us

Together we can ensure that RVNAhealth continues to serve the care and wellness needs of the individual and the community. Help us make a difference, donate today!

RVNAhealth is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and donations are tax-deductible. 

Knowing that you are a caring resource that is available to us has been invaluable as we have entered into this life’s journey with our parents.”

Antra Borofsky

or call us at (203) 438-5555 to make your donation.

Ways to Support RVNAhealth

Ways to Make a Gift

Each and every day, RVNA is in the homes of people in your community, caring for many diverse medical needs, thanks to you. RVNA now provides home healthcare to more than 1,600 patients annually, 60% more patients than five years ago.

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Fundraising Events

Each year, our annual fuandraising event raises funds that are critical to RVNA’s ability to care for uninsured and underinsured patients, offer community programs on everything from caregiver support to managing chronic disease, and provide help to the homebound.

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RVNA volunteers are the backbone of our organization. They serve in a wide range of capacities, sharing their time, talent, and energy. Our volunteers include community members from area towns, registered nurses and physicians, licensed and business professionals, and high school and college interns.

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Food Pantry

RVNA has a Food Pantry onsite in our building at 27 Governor Street in Ridgefield that serves our home-bound and in-need patients. The Pantry helps RVNA ensure that our patients are not only getting superior care, but also have the nutritional, personal care, and household items they need to heal and get stronger. Food makes a big difference!

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Honor Your Caregiver

Kind words, caring gestures and responsiveness to individual needs are the trademarks of RVNA nurses, therapists and home health aides. We hope you or your loved one felt this comfort and received professional care from the staff of RVNA during your recent experience.

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Sponsors & Contributors

RVNA is grateful to our sponsors, as well as our local contributors, for their ongoing support and contributions. Their generosity and vision enable RVNA to fulfill our mission and enrich the lives of the communities and individuals we serve.

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