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Mission to Serve

RVNAhealth is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the highest quality of life at every age, through compassionate health care, community and public health services, and wellness programs.

Impact of Your Support

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, RVNAhealth has grown over the last century. What began as a single nurse has evolved into an innovative and progressive health care provider with a team of over 250 professionals.

Our donors…

  • Provide care to their neighbors during their most vulnerable times
  • Allow patients to heal in the comfort and safety of their homes
  • Give family caregivers the support and respite they need
  • Offset the high cost of medical staff training and technology
  • Ensure that children in our area who are uninsured or underinsured receive an annual physical and necessary immunizations

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In supporting RVNAhealth, you are making a lasting investment in the health and wellness of your family, friends, and neighbors in 35+ towns across Connecticut. Please make a difference and donate today!

RVNAhealth is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code; EIN 06-0646613.

Knowing that you are a caring resource that is available to us has been invaluable as we have entered into this life’s journey with our parents.”

Antra Borofsky

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