RVNAhealth Parkinson's Center for the treatment of Parkinson's disease

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Our Mission:

We are a community based multidisciplinary center serving individuals and their families with Parkinson’s Disease through support, education, therapy, social engagement, exercise, and lifelong wellness programs. 

Our Objective:  

To be a resource for all people with Parkinson’s (PWP), their caregivers, and medical teams to meet their educational, emotional and physical needs.

Join our Community and Find Therapeutic, Educational and Emotional Support!

About the RVNAhealth Parkinson’s Center:  

The RVNAhealth Parkinson’s Center is designed to help you  live your best life with a Parkinson’s diagnosis.  You didn’t choose Parkinson’s as part of your life journey, but you can choose how you move forward. With the help of the RVNAhealth Parkinson’s Center you can live a productive and active life where you take control and make the choice to live well with Parkinson’s Disease.

As a member of the RVNAhealth Parkinson’s Center you will have access to Certified LSVT clinical therapists including physical, occupational and speech; a medical team which includes a dedicated medical doctor, registered nurse and registered dietitian, a team of mental health professionals, a resource library which will provide local and national resources along  with a video library of exercises and support tools and a monthly newsletter and access the RVNAhealth Continuum of Services. The Parkinson’s Center was created as a place to help people with Parkinson’s take control of a difficult diagnosis with the help of a trained group of specialists who are available to support you and your family.

Parkinson's Center Programs

  • LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD Therapy
  • Physical Therapy for gait, strength, balance
  • Occupational Therapy for activities of daily living training through workspace adjustments
  • Speech Therapy for speaking, swallowing and cognitive training
  • Individual counseling
  • Private and group cooking classes
  • Monthly Educational Speaker Series
    • Exercise
    • Medications
    • Nutrition
    • Sleep
    • Mental Health
    • Sexual Health
  • Introduction to Parkinson’s Disease Lecture (offered quarterly)
  • Eight-Week PD boot-camp (Begins August 14, 2023)
  • Parkinson’s Center Programming Calendar
  • Support Groups for Patients and for Caregivers
  • Mental Health Education and Services
  • Pastoral Care
  • Social Media
  • Support Group
  • Social Activities
    • Art Class
    • Brain Games
    • Summer Olympics
    • Dance Party
    • Happy Hour Mocktails

Patient Testimonials

To schedule an appointment or inquire about therapy services:


For therapy services at one of our facilities, call (203) 438-7862
or email rehabcenter@rvnahealth.org


For therapy services through our home health services, call (203) 438-5555 or email intake@rvnahealth.org