Many Differences, One Mission

RVNAhealth is committed to diversity, inclusion, and health equity by fostering a culture that values differences and similarities. We are committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. Fostering a diverse workforce benefits both employees and patients by offering an inclusive place to provide and receive care. While we may come from different experiences, we all share the same goal of providing high-quality patient care.

A vital element of RVNAhealth’s success and sustainability in meeting our mission of individual and community health is by operating as a fair, equitable, healthy, and inclusive Agency that aligns with and supports our patients, our workforce, and the communities that we serve. We believe in treating everyone fairly and value the diversity of our colleagues, patients, families, and clients.

How We Do This:

Our strategy focuses on five key areas: The areas of focus will ensure RVNAhealth’s ongoing efforts throughout our Agency to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion, and care delivery and population health in the communities we serve.

  1. Empower a diverse workforce: Recruit, develop, promote, and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce which fosters an open and inclusive work environment and is knowledgeable and responsive to the diverse communities of patients we serve. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we are committed to recruiting talented employees with valuable expertise from different races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and other protected classes.
  2. Accountability: Build accountability among leadership and employees at all levels to ensure diversity and inclusion is incorporated into our day-to-day business practices. Diversity and inclusion are among our strategic priorities, through continued leadership commitment, accountability, and total workforce engagement. Reports of insulting or discriminatory language or behavior toward our employees exhibited by patients, family members and/or caregivers will be taken seriously, subject to review, and followed through to resolution, which could include patient discharge.  
  3. Education and training: Provide intentional and focused culturally competent care education opportunities to all team members. Our employees receive annual training designed to support and encourage an inclusive environment for health care delivery and customer service.
  4. Culture Shifts: Create a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to enable individuals to contribute to their full potential, feel valued, and supported. Cultivate an open, inclusive, and respectable work environment that encourages collaboration and fosters creativity, innovation, and employee engagement.
  5. Equity in care through community collaborations: Focus on eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in care provided to RVNAhealth patients. Continue to engage relationships and partnerships that support and build capacity in the communities that we serve. Foster an inclusive health care environment conducive to exceptional patient care where all patients feel welcome and have equal access to high-quality, culturally and linguistically relevant care, thus improving patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

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Ensuring a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce enables RVNAhealth to be more responsive to our employees, patients/clients, and better equipped to fulfill our mission. Achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion at RVNAhealth is a team effort and we expect and encourage employees to contribute to this goal. Together, we support a workplace that offers every individual the opportunity to attain professional goals and contribute to the diversity and success of the Agency.