RVNAhealth Hospice Services

Our hospice care is multi-disciplinary, and all encompassing, tailored to match the needs of each individual and family. RVNAhealth offers the following services to all our hospice patients:

  • Expert medical care and symptom management
  • On-call 24/7 physician, nursing and pharmacy support
  • Emotional, social, and spiritual support
  • Personal care to support daily living activities
  • Social worker services
  • Medical equipment, supplies, and medication related to terminal illness
  • Access to financial, legal, and transportation resources
  • Caregiver support and counseling for family and friends
  • Access to RVNAhealth hospice volunteers
  • Bereavement support for 13 months
  • Seamless access to RVNAhealth’s family of health services: skilled nursing, physical therapists, and non-medical caregivers
RVNAhealth hospice care, fairfield county, ct
At RVNAhealth, our patients and their families remind us of why we love what we do.

ComfortWELL services can be seamlessly supported by other RVNAhealth WELL service families to offer coordinated care from our qualified team of health professionals.

Thank you for your professional, personalized care, compassion, and kindness. Your knowledge, confidence, and direction helped me tremendously.”

RVNAhealth Hospice Family