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Services to Recover
Your Best Health

Recover Your Best Possible Health

At RVNAhealth, we are proud to provide our patients lifelong health care and wellness services at all ages, stages and levels of health.  Our GetWELL services — skilled nursing and rehabilitation therapies — help you regain your best possible health following an illness, injury or diagnosis. GetWELL services are available to you at your ‘home’ or wherever you reside. They are also available at the RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center located at our Center for Exceptional Care in Ridgefield, CT.

In-Home Skilled Nursing

In-Home Skilled Nursing services provide care, symptom and pain management, and includes specializations in Wound Care, Cardiac Care, Diabetes Care, and Palliative care.

In-Home Supplemental Services

When needed, in-Home Nursing and Rehabilitation services are supplemented by CNAs, social workers and registered dietitians, who offer the extra care and expertise needed for recovery and recuperation.  

Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

RVNAhealth offers physical, occupational, and speech therapies to help you regain your strength, balance and abilities, and return you to the life you love. All Rehabilitation Therapies are available both in-home, as well as outpatient at our Rehabilitation & Wellness Center in Ridgefield, CT. 

Joint Replacement Recovery

RVNAhealth’s Motion Matters programs are multi-disciplinary programs that guide recovery from joint replacements and other surgeries, both before and after surgery.  Motion Matters teams include rehabilitation therapists, registered nurses, and CNAs who work collaboratively with your providers to get you back in action.

LSVT BIG and LOUD® Therapy

LSVT BIG and LOUD® Therapy is a specialized care program designed to improve function for those with Parkinson’s disease. Often referred to as “the incredible shrinking disease,” Parkinson’s is a degenerative condition characterized by a progressive loss of motor function, impacting both speech and movement. 

GetWELL services can be used independently or concurrently with the other three RVNAhealth WELL service families, which work together to address your lifelong health and wellness needs through coordinated care from our team of health professionals.

RVNAhealth is here for us, all of us, and we are grateful.”

Karin Fallon

Our team of nurses, rehabilitation therapists, nutritionists, CNAs and more provide you with the 1:1 care, support and encouragement needed to return to your highest quality of daily living.

We help thousands each year to recover, and consistently receive excellent marks for high patient satisfaction and low re-hospitalization rates, outscoring state and national averages.

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