New Directors Appointed to Our Growing Team

Julissa Garcia-Perez, Director of QAPI and Compliance, and Sally Santana, MHA, Hospice Director

Above: Julissa Garcia-Perez (left) and Sally Santana

You don’t have to look very hard (or long) to count the recent milestones we’ve celebrated here at RVNAhealth. The opening of our Center for Exceptional Care (in 2016) – followed that same year by the launch of our onsite Rehabilitation & Wellness Center. The addition of hospice services in 2018, all of which have led to new roles and an expanding team at our agency.

Most recently, we’re pleased to announce two additions to our leadership team: Julissa Garcia-Perez, Director of Quality Assurance/Process Improvement (QAPI) and Compliance, and Sally Santana, MHA, Hospice Director.

While they have responsibility for different parts of our agency – Julissa oversees quality assurance of home health, while Sally oversees hospice – they are both responsible for QAPI and compliance, which are two critical functions for our agency.

RVNAhealth Chief Clinical Officer Keri Linardi, RN, explains that these roles are a part of an agency-wide mission “to keep raising the bar for ourselves.”

Learn more about Julissa and Sally:

Julissa Garcia-Perez, JD

Sally Santana, MHA

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