Time to Think About Shingles

One of the many rites of passage of turning 50 years old is the need to get the Shingles vaccine. And while this doesn't seem very glamorous, it's a whole lot more glamorous than getting Shingles — a nasty rash which is extremely painful and can have long-lasting effects. Continue reading

Take a Pause with RVNAhealth and WSHU

For several years, RVNAhealth has enjoyed a partnership with WSHU Public Radio, based out of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. Beginning this month, we're expanding our relationship to include not only our regular on-air sponsorship spots, but also sole sponsorship of WSHU’s weekly micro-newsletter, The Pause.  Continue reading

‘Twas the Season — Warm, Generous, Fun

One of the reasons RVNAhealth is a top workplace year after year is because of the friendships and partnerships we have — both within our organization, and with others. They enrich our days and our work, and are just plain fun. Continue reading

A Healthy Community for All

“Oh my goodness, I love you!”

I can still hear the raw emotion and gratitude in her voice when I called to schedule her COVID-19 vaccine. “I live alone and don’t know how to use a computer,” she continued. “I don’t even have a computer. My daughter lives and works in Chicago and has been trying to help me but the registration process is terribly confusing. I’ve been so worried. I was afraid I would never get vaccinated.”

She was not alone. When RVNAhealth was approved in January 2021 to be a COVID-19 vaccine administrator for the State of CT, the population was ready — desperate even — to turn the corner on the pandemic. But to many, the process itself — which involved speed and technology — was harrowing. This individual was just one of many who RVNAhealth called, personally, to set up COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Because of you, we were able to dedicate resources to this effort. Because of you, we were able to replace fears with freedom, and restore confidence and hope.

We worked very closely with local social services departments, senior centers, nonprofit partners, and other area municipalities to identify and vaccinate the most vulnerable in our communities, beginning with the elderly and the disabled.

Your support is what sustained our continued pandemic response and allowed us to focus on our public health mission this year. RVNAhealth conducted mass-vaccination clinics from January to June. We brought the vaccine to the homebound. And, thanks to you, we educated and vaccinated area underserved communities, where obstacles such as language, transportation, misinformation, and fear over immigration status were preventing people from getting vaccinated.

And, while we are certainly trending in the right direction, pandemic-related challenges still persist. One of the most troubling is the inability of area children, whose families lack adequate medical insurance, to return to the classroom. Today, more than 20 months after the pandemic was declared, many children in underserved communities remain remote, having lapsed on the fundamental healthcare requirements — like annual physicals and immunizations — that are necessary to enroll in and attend public school.

Together, we can get these kids back to the classroom.

With your help, RVNAhealth is expanding our Well-Child Clinics to serve our communities. Our diverse team of nurses, many of them bilingual, are here to better assist children and families who need basic healthcare. But, as demand grows, so, too, does the need for additional staff, supplies and pediatric medical equipment.

Please help us sustain our Well-Child program, which is offered at no cost, thanks to the generosity of our friends and donors.

When you invest in RVNAhealth, you are choosing to build stronger and healthier communities for all. You ensure our ability to serve every patient with unmatched, compassionate healthcare, regardless of age, diagnosis, or financial circumstances.

We are here to care for you and your neighbors, but we cannot do it alone. Please make a gift to RVNAhealth today and know that every gift – no matter the size – is critical to upholding our mission and improving the lives of those around us.

With deepest gratitude,

Theresa Santoro, MSN, RN, CHCA

President & CEO


P.S. You can make your tax-deductible gift to support RVNAhealth by clicking here.  Your generosity is truly appreciated.





The Precious Gift of Education

The gift of education is a profound one. An investment in an individual that rewards their potential; offers enlightenment; and has the power to influence the course of their life. Every year, select RVNAhealth staff members are fortunate to receive such a gift  — through scholarships offered by Fairfield County Bank and the Couri Family Foundation, both longtime donors and believers in RVNAhealth.Continue reading

Volunteer Spotlight – ‘Meet the Anns!’

Like many not-for-profits, RVNAhealth counts on a corps of volunteers to complement our staff with their professional expertise, fresh perspectives, and their good old-fashioned manpower. The RVNAhealth volunteer program offers safe and diverse opportunities for donating time in a way that is purposeful and meaningful for everyday heroes of all ages.  

Meet Ann Harrington 

When did you start volunteering for RVNAhealth?    July 2021

Why did you choose to volunteer for RVNAhealth?   I was interested in helping in the community for an organization that promotes wellness and quality of life

What kinds of things do you do for RVNAhealth? I volunteer in the Rehabilitation & Wellness  Center helping the therapists with equipment set-up, maintaining the gym, greeting and checking in patients, and learning the scheduling system.

What is your favorite part about your role?  The friendly staff and clients, pleasant working environment and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Is RVNAhealth what you expected?  Yes. It is very busy, and you need to multi-task. I gained new appreciation for what the therapists and admin staff do.

Please tell us a little about yourself!  I was born in Buffalo, NY and moved to CT after college to begin working in advertising. I’ve held positions in children’s book publishing and managed health care. My husband Steve and I have 2 children in their 20s.

I volunteered in different organizations while my children were in school. 

Where do you reside?  Ridgefield.

What else do you enjoy doing?  Swimming, theater, walking, traveling, wine-tastings, dogs.

Do you volunteer with any other organizations?  Yes, I am involved in Community Bible Study and Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities.

Meet Anne Gilson

When did you start volunteering for RVNAhealth?    Summer of 2021

Why did you choose to volunteer for RVNAhealth?  My husband had back surgery and RVNAhealth came to our home and helped get him back on his feet.

What kinds of things do you do for RVNAhealth?   Prepare intake folders.

What is your favorite part about your role?  The cheerfulness of the staff.

Is RVNAhealth what you expected?  No, much more. I did not realize all the services offered.

Please tell us a little about yourself!  In the morning, I work at Wooster School in Danbury.

Where do you reside?  Ridgefield since 1988.

What else do you enjoy doing?  I have 3 grown children (all with health insurance). Love reading and traveling.

Do you volunteer with any other organizations?  Daily Bread. 


RVNAhealth is infinitely grateful for the support and friendship of Ann Harrington and Anne Gilson. We invite others in the community who are interested in volunteering and supporting our mission to get in touch.   We have assignments big and small!


Food for Thought

Many of us have had discomfiting moments with memory: the 'Doorway Effect' in which we can't recall why we've entered a room. Proper nouns that go missing, just when we need them the most. And other such lapses. And while there is no sure fire diet to prevent such decline, there are recommended choices that can help keep us cognitively fit . Continue reading

In Celebration of Family Caregivers – Tips to Remain at Your Best!

This month RVNAhealth took time to recognize and thank our StayingWELL caregivers for their tireless efforts in helping clients remain safely and confidently at home.  We celebrate our caregivers during November, which also happens to be National Family Caregivers Month.

As a caregiver, prioritizing time for yourself can be just as important as the care you provide for a loved one at home.  Feeling your best and feeling adequately prepared can only happen when you invest time in yourself.  Here are some helpful tips to help family caregivers remain at their best both physically and mentally.

  • Learn and use stress-reduction techniques, e.g., meditation, prayer, yoga, Tai Chi
  • Attend to your own healthcare needs
  • Get proper rest and nutrition
  • Exercise regularly, even if only for 10 minutes at a time
  • Take time off without feeling guilty
  • Participate in pleasant, nurturing activities, such as reading a good book, taking a warm bath
  • Seek and accept the support of others
  • Seek supportive counseling when you need it, or talk to a trusted counselor, friend, or pastor
  • Identify and acknowledge your feelings, you have a right to ALL of them
  • Change the negative ways you view situations
  • Set goals

If you or someone you know is a family caregiver in need of additional care support, RVNAhealth offers care planning and management services, as well as its own StayingWELL services offering both hourly and live-in caregiving for personal and household support.  Visit RVNAhealth at https://rvnahealth.org/services/staying-well/ or call us at 203.438.5555 x 4 for more information.

If you would like more information you can go to: https://www.caregiver.org/resource/taking-care-you-self-care-family-caregivers/




Happy Caregiver Appreciation Week 2021

This past week RVNAhealth took time to celebrate Caregiver Appreciation Week and thank our StayingWELL caregivers for their tireless efforts in helping our clients to remain safely and confidently in their homes.  Caregivers were treated to a drop-in reception and a pampering-themed gift bag in both our Ridgefield and New Milford offices.  The StayingWELL caregiving team — over 200 strong — is a group of award-winning individuals who bring pride and compassion to their work and clients. We appreciate and thank these individuals for their tremendous contributions each and every day!