Leadership Team Member

Julissa-Garcia-Perez, RVNAhealth Director of QAPI and Compliance

Julissa Garcia-Perez

Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

As RVNAhealth Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Julissa Garcia-Perez keeps the home-health side of our agency constantly moving forward. She tracks trending data regarding best practices and defined standards of care, and identifies opportunities and targets for improving on how we deliver patient-centered care. She also ensures that agency-wide, we are knowledgeable about and compliant with ever-changing state and federal regulations and standards.

Educating staff about both QAPI and compliance is a significant part of Julissa’s role. Meanwhile, the QAPI component is very data-driven and iterative.

“On an ongoing basis, we measure our quality of care against federal and state standards, identify goals and priorities, and then take actions to continuously refine and improve on what we do,” she explains.

Drawn to “problem-solving,” Julissa’s previous experience includes roles in both health care and law (concentrated in compliance). She has devised strategies to improve teamwork and communication in projects, conducted investigations and audits to identify areas of risk, and drafted and executed plans to improve compliance practices that address risk.

Julissa joined RVNAhealth in November 2019. She holds a law degree from UNPHU University in the Dominican Republic. She is certified in Healthcare Compliance and is pursuing her Master of Law degree in Health Law at Seton Hall University. She lives in Bridgewater, NJ.