Personalized Fitness Services

RVNAhealth offers a range of physical wellness and training services at our Rehabilitation & Wellness Center at 27 Governor St. in Ridgefield, CT.  These services are fee-based and are not traditionally covered by insurance.  To learn more or schedule a session, please call (203) 438-7862.

Strength & Conditioning

Intended for athletes of all ages, including students, who are serious about improving their athletic performance, RVNAhealth offers certified sports conditioning (CSCS) and certified personal trainer specialists who focus on strength and conditioning for sports. Our trainers are also physical therapists, so personal programs are developed thoughtfully to improve performance without incurring injury.

Wellness Evaluation

RVNAhealth offers one-on-one sessions with a physical or occupational therapist even if you are well. Whether to increase endurance, increase strength, train for a sport, or expand one’s capacity for exercise, our team of therapists partner with you to achieve your goals safely and confidently.  Examples of services include:

  • Annual check up to get ahead of any strength changes or concerns
  • Post-therapy ‘tune up’ to make sure your home program is still effective
  • Development of exercises for weight loss, with considerations for pain or joint limitations
  • Helping individuals meet their personal physical fitness goals

Individual Fitness/Aftercare Memberships

The RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center gym is available to individuals interested in maintaining strength and fitness after ‘graduating’ from therapeutic treatment. Still under the watchful eye of your therapist, ‘Members’ may use the gym and exercise at specified hours of the day.  Our self-directed physical fitness program is an excellent way to stay strong and retain fitness in a warm and inviting environment.

Running Assessments

To help new and veteran runners stay healthy and active in their sport, RVNAhealth is pleased to offer running assessments by a certified gait analyst. The evaluation includes video analysis of running mechanics; strength assessment of muscles related to proper mechanics and injury prevention; flexibility assessment; a foot and shoe analysis; and an individualized home exercise program based on the evaluation results and aligned with personal goals. Call for questions and pricing.

Golf Evaluations

RVNAhealth offers Golf Evaluations, providing a comprehensive assessment that includes an evaluation of the flexibility, strength, power, balance, and mechanics of your golf swing. By identifying areas of impairment, we can develop an individualized exercise program and golf drills tailored to your specific needs. At the end of the evaluation, we will provide you with a personalized exercise program and golf drills specific to your impairments. These exercises and drills will help you improve your flexibility, strength, power, balance, and mechanics of your golf swing, leading to better performance on the course and decreased risk of injury. RVNAhealth board-certified sports physical therapists are available to evaluate and treat golfers of all levels. Call for questions and pricing.

Custom and Semi-Custom Orthodics

 RVNAhealth offers custom and semi-custom orthotics as a specialty service to help resolve and prevent injury. At an RVNAhealth orthotics appointment, we perform a complete treadmill gait analysis; take digital photos of your feet; review old shoes to see wear pattern; evaluate feet in standing and laying (non-weight bearing) positions. We make a plaster of Paris mold of the foot in a perfect gravity-eliminated state, capturing the foot in its natural state. Orthotics are intended to prevent further change and deformity in the foot — and in some cases are successful in ‘re-training’ the foot back to a healthier state — and our process successfully supports that intent. The RVNAhealth team currently includes two trained Stride Orthotics Specialists, fully educated on the process. 

Fitness to Drive Evaluations & Therapy

RVNAhealth’s Fitness to DRIVE program is available to help anyone improve their driving skills and maintain their independence on the road –whether you are recovering from a recent medical illness or condition, or you just want to validate your driving skill set.  You will perform a series of in-office assessments for vision, hearing, sensation, cognition, motor skills, and coordination. Upon completion, you and your family will have clear understanding of your fitness to drive and ways you can improve your driving skills. If determined, therapy may be recommended in the areas of deficit whether it be physical, occupational or speech.

Main Location

27 Governor Street
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Phone: (203) 438-7862

M, W 8:15 am–6 pm;
T, Th, F 8:15 am–5 pm;
Some weekend appointments

GPC Location

Golf Performance Center
824 Ethan Allen Highway
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Phone: (203) 438-7862

M, W 8:15 am–6 pm;
T, Th, F 8:15 am–5 pm;
Some weekend appointments

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