Yet Another Reason to be a Green Bay Packers Fan … (even if you live in the Northeast)

A collage of Duane with the box that the Green Bay Packers sent him, a note signed by Aaron Rodgers, and Duane sitting in a chair with a Green Bay football and pennant in his lap

Above: Duane Larsen opens the box of bounty that the Green Bay Packers sent him; the note signed by Aaron Rodgers; and Duane enjoys the pennant and custom football.

That ‘Packers’ hat meant a lot — and became something more.

When Duane Larsen, a Ridgefield resident and RVNAhealth hospice patient, could not find his treasured Green Bay Packers cap, his nurse sounded the alarm to the RVNAhealth Wishes team.

“Duane is a lifelong fan and I know how much his Packers mean to him. I was hoping we could replace it before too long.” said Christine Palmer, RN, BSN.

Rather than hop online and simply order a replacement, the Wishes team, which works to grant small wishes to RVNAhealth hospice patients and is supported by the generosity of the Ridgefield Thrift Shop, went straight to the source — the Green Bay Packers organization.

Good play, as it turns out. Sympathizing with Duane’s plight, and appreciating his loyalty, the Packers got right on the case. They didn’t even need to huddle!

Within a short time, a special delivery package arrived — addressed to RVNAhealth and Duane Larsen, and sealed with ‘Green Bay Packers Give Back’ tape.

No ordinary parcel here. The box was filled with Green Bay bounty — a football signed by the team, a pennant and shirt plus numerous other special items, and a card signed by Aaron Rodgers.

“Duane,” the card read, “Please know that we are thinking of you at this time and wish you the very best—Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.”

“I am now the Packers number one fan,” said Larsen. “They have always been a stand-up organization…”

Larsen said the package was a great surprise, and that he would especially enjoy having a football he hopes to toss around again.

“The gift and recognition made Duane’s day,” said Palmer, his nurse. “Actually, it may have made his year!”

So, RVNAhealth salutes the Green Bay Packers and nurse Christine Palmer for their kindness, generosity and, of course, teamwork. Fingers crossed on the season ahead!

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