Showcasing Leadership and Expertise in Health

RVNAhealth took center stage recently in two thought provoking discussions about the health care industry and the relationship between nutrition and mental illness.

TEDMED Conversations: “How to Create a Healthier Future for All”

Sandro Galea and Theresa Santoro, TEDMED Conversations

Theresa Santoro, President & CEO of RVNAhealth had the privilege of interviewing Sandro Gale, physician, epidemiologist, author, dean and Robert A. Knox Professor at Boston University School of Public Health. The interview, “How to Create a Healthier Future for All,” was presented on TEDMED Conversations – an interview series with some of the world’s brightest minds discussing the hardest topics.

In this 12-minute segment, Santoro and Gale discuss topics ranging from the forces around us that generate good health; success of the healthcare system treating those already ill vs preventing illness; COVID-19 reflections and impacts; and the hope for a healthier future.  Watch Now 


“All Things Life” Podcast: Diet and Mental Illness with Monica Marcello

Niro Feliciano Podcast

The idea that what you eat can heal your body is age-old, but is this true for mental illness? Dietitian Monica Marcello believes it can make a significant difference, now proven through clinical studies. It goes to show how integrated mental and physical health truly are. Learn what you can do to affect mood and mental health simply through diet in this informative episode. Listen Now.