Sponsor Spotlight: Adam Broderick Salon & Spa

A cringeworthy bit of salon humor has been floating around for many years:

Q: How did the hairdresser win the race?

A: By taking a short cut.

Then, in contrast, you have the Adam Broderick Salon & Spa. The business celebrates its 30-year anniversary in Ridgefield in 2020, and it has been a fixture in Southbury for 13 years.

It’s a success story shaped by founder/owner Adam Broderick’s creativity, vision, and commitment to customers, coworkers and – as we at RVNAhealth have witnessed and experienced on countless occasions – the community.

Adam Broderick has supported RVNAhealth in various ways since 2002. His business’s generosity has spanned from donating raffle and auction packages to sponsoring our Spring Breakfast, Southbury Spring Breakfast and Health Fair. In 2018, the Salon officially became a member of our agency’s Governor’s Society.

“Adam’s generosity is felt throughout our community, especially here at RVNAhealth where they truly support each of our events,” says RVNAhealth Director of Donor Relations Alice Meenan. “They participate in our Gallo Bartending Night fundraiser, and Adam’s husband, Salon CFO Peter Goldstein, will be a contestant in our 2020 Spelling Bee.”

Regular world travelers, Adam and Peter are also frequent customers of RVNAhealth Travel Health Services. You can see photos from some of their trips to exotic locales in our Travelogue!

Always Seeking to Improve

A Manhattan colorist before opening his Salon and Spa in Ridgefield in 1990, Adam is also active and engaged on the salon floor. Behind the scenes, he is always seeking ways to improve the client experience. Examples include a massive renovation of the 12,000 square-foot flagship Ridgefield location that was informed, in part, by inviting coworkers to share ideas for improvements (such as adding a private hair color area).

In 2020, clients will see something new on Adam Broderick’s service menu to complement its hair, skin, nail and body-treatment service: Advanced wellness treatments, such as CryoShock, an anti-aging therapy that can reduce fat in problem areas and create a more youthful appearance. 

Adam’s seemingly endless energy also extends to investing in his coworkers’ professional and personal development. In addition to providing hands-on training on the floor, he has a dedicated training center open several days each week (across the street from the Ridgefield location).

The Salon also recently engaged a spiritual psychologist to work with his team. “Our culture is one of a safe place,” he says. “We have an open-door and judgment-free policy. If a salon team member faces any challenges or problems, we are here to support them.”

Partnership of Two Ever-Evolving Organizations

RVNAhealth President & CEO Theresa Santoro, MSN, RN, CHCA – a 26-year client of Adam Broderick Salon & Spa – is among Adam’s fans. She expresses gratitude not only for the support he lends our agency, but also for his inspiring presence both in his business and in the community.

“Adam’s attitude informs the salon’s philosophy of great customer service and care. He’s upbeat, positive, and always makes you feel as if you’re the most important person in the world when talking to him,” she says. “I also can’t think of anyone else who represents health and wellness better than Adam Broderick. From hair, skin, massage, facials and nails, his services lift the spirit and mindset.”

Of the support that he regularly lends RVNAhealth, Adam explains, “Their evolution as a resource to the communities they support, as well as my team and our families, has been amazing.” He adds, “It has been a privilege to develop great relationships with their team – to understand their vision and comprehensive approach to health and wellness.”

As we enter a new year – and a new decade – RVNAhealth looks forward to another decade of partnership (and pampering) with Adam Broderick Salon & Spa.

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