RVNAhealth Travelogue: Pictures from Across the Globe

One of the real treats of our work at RVNA is our travel health consultations, in which we prepare world travelers for the adventures — and potential risks — that lie ahead.  Through our Travel Health Services, we offer immunizations, information, and valuable guidance to keep your travels adventurous, yet safe.  Who needs an exotic ailment as a souvenir?!

If you have a journey to a faraway land planned in your future, visit RVNA for your travel health consultation approximately 4-6 weeks before departure. And, in the meantime, enjoy some spectacular photos sent home from our traveling friends.

As a pilot, my concerns are to stay healthy and safe while abroad and not to contract any sicknesses to bring back to America,” says Cowell. “RVNA has always been an integral part of my mitigation process.”

G. Cowell, Redding CT

The RVNA Travel Medicine Clinic is a U.S. Government Certified Yellow Fever Center.

To schedule an appointment or inquire about a particular need, please call RVNAhealth at (203) 438-5555 or contact us ››