No Friend Like a Work Friend

It’s not always easy when there’s a new dog in town. But our Bitty (at left) has proven, yet again, that’s he’s no ordinary Medical Records Apprentice — he’s a team player extraordinaire; a purveyor of good cheer and charm; and now a true friend and partner to RVNAhealth Therapy Dog, Sophia the Cute.

“A while back,” reminisces Bitty, “I learned —in a leadership seminar, I believe — that you want to surround yourself with the best possible colleagues you can in order to succeed. I’ve done that here at RVNAhealth and Sophia is now part of this amazing team.  She elevates our performances, and improves everybody’s days — patients and colleagues alike.  It’s impossible not to like and respect her.”

See them together below, or solo (Bitty + Sophia). To meet Sophia in person this weekend, stop by the Bethel Shop & Stroll just around 11:30am!  Bitty, alas, has weekend plans. 

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