Welcome Sophia!

Today we welcome a very special addition to our RVNAhealth team — her name is Sophia, and she is our very own therapy dog! Needless to say, there have been lots of ooohs and aaahs around the Ridgefield office today. Sophia is three years old and has been in training since her birth.  She was originally intended to be a seeing eye dog, but her calm demeanor and mild pace ultimately destined her to be the perfect facility/therapy dog.

Last week, our three RVNAhealth handlers, Stephanie Notaro, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator; Stephanie Collins, BeWELL Coordinator; and Garrett Walkup, Hospice Pastoral Care Coordinator received extensive training with Sophia at ECAD — Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities.  They all passed their final exams, and graduation is coming up on June 16!

In the coming weeks, Sophia will be busy getting acquainted with the RVNAhealth office, her working role, and her handlers. Stephanie Notaro will bring Sophia on hospice patient visits and to volunteer events; Garrett will bring her to bereavement groups and hospice visits; and Stephanie Collins will bring Sophia to BeWELL events –- flu clinics, education events, and the like.

As Sophia’s schedule fills up and we introduce her to society, we’ll keep you posted on opportunities to say hello. She’s quite a darling. Check out the photos below.




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