RVNAhealth Flu Vaccine Options for the Whole Family!

If you are age 6 months or older, RVNAhealth has you covered for flu season! This year we are pleased to offer a variety of ways to get your flu shot. RVNAhealth Ridgefield and New Milford offices are offering convenient drive-thru clinics, as well as in-office appointments. There are also two community clinics in the town of Bethel open to anyone. A limited supply of the new Pfizer and Moderna COVID booster will also be on hand, available upon request and availability at the time of your flu shot.

Whether you are a regular in rolling up your sleeve, or you need a little more nudging, it’s always good to get the facts. Here’s a few facts to get you started!

  • The Flu vaccines are highly effective and adverse effects are rare. Even in a year where the flu shot is not a “good match” for the virus, vaccination still protects against severe illness.
  • You cannot get the flu from the flu shot.
  • You can receive a flu vaccine if you have an egg allergy. RVNAhealth offers egg and preservative-free vaccines.
  • Flu vaccines for all children in CT, age 18 and under, are provided at no cost regardless of insurance status.
  • And you can get the COVID-19 booster and flu shot at the same time!

Recommendations for this year’s flu season remain similar to last year. While timing and length of flu activity through the COVID pandemic has been less consistent with prior years, the CDC continues to recommend September and October as optimal times for flu vaccination. Vaccination after October is still recommended for providing valuable protection through the typical peak season.

For more information on available RVNAhealth flu clinics and appointments, please visit our flu webpage or call 203.438.5555.