It’s Tick Season (Again). Get Your Tick Kit at RVNAhealth.

A lime-green pouch with the Lyme Connection logo, containing insect repellant, needle-point tweezers with a magnifying glass, a tick identification guide, a guide to safely removing a tick, a magnet with the BLAST protocol and a specimen vial to collect ticks.

It’s easy to associate ticks with the spring time, but these sneaky arachnids are also very active between mid-August and November. Fortunately, our friends at Lyme Connection distribute a compact tick kit, free of charge. Conveniently, you can pick up one at RVNAhealth — when you come in for your flu shot, or are just in the neighborhood during our headquarters hours.

What’s in a Tick Kit?

Several items to help you stay tick-free in the great outdoors including:

Insect repellent to make your skin a less-than desirable environment for ticks (and mosquitoes) for up to 14 hours.

Needle-point tweezers with a magnifying glass for safely removing these tiny pests.

A tick-removal guide which includes helpful information. (Such as the fact that agitating a tick may cause it to regurgitate and expose you to potential infectious diseases.)

A tick-identification booklet with photos and actual-size rendering of common species in larvae, nymph and adult stages.

A specimen container for collecting any ticks that you find on your body to send to your local health department for Lyme testing.

A magnet reminder about Lyme Connection’s BLAST protocol (see below) for staying tick-free.

What’s BLAST?

Blast represents the five preventative steps that Lyme Connection recommends taking to avoid being bitten by a tick:

Bathe within two hours of outdoor activity
Look for ticks and rashes daily
Apply repellents to skin and clothing
Spray the yard and maintain a tick-safe landscape
Treat pets with vet-recommended products

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