It’s Tick Season (Again). Get Your Tick Kit at RVNAhealth.

A lime-green pouch with the Lyme Connection logo, containing insect repellant, needle-point tweezers with a magnifying glass, a tick identification guide, a guide to safely removing a tick, a magnet with the BLAST protocol and a specimen vial to collect ticks.

Pandemics come and go (doesn’t feel like it, though history would suggest), but some scourges remain present. Ticks, for instance. Since spring is the air, it’s time to increase vigilance. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by RVNAhealth in Ridgefield and pick up a Tick Kit, courtesy of our friends at Lyme Connection.

What’s in a Tick Kit?

Several items to help you stay tick-free in the great outdoors including:

Insect repellent to make your skin a less-than desirable environment for ticks (and mosquitoes) for up to 14 hours.

Needle-point tweezers with a magnifying glass for safely removing these tiny pests.

A tick-removal guide which includes helpful information. (Such as the fact that agitating a tick may cause it to regurgitate and expose you to potential infectious diseases.)

A tick-identification booklet with photos and actual-size rendering of common species in larvae, nymph and adult stages.

A specimen container for collecting any ticks that you find on your body to send to your local health department for Lyme testing.

A magnet reminder about Lyme Connection’s BLAST protocol (see below) for staying tick-free.

What’s BLAST?

Blast represents the five preventative steps that Lyme Connection recommends taking to avoid being bitten by a tick:

Bathe within two hours of outdoor activity
Look for ticks and rashes daily
Apply repellents to skin and clothing
Spray the yard and maintain a tick-safe landscape
Treat pets with vet-recommended products

Learn more at Lyme Connection and stay tuned for more information in May — Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

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