When is the Best Time to Get a Flu Shot?

A teenage girl wearing a sweatshirt and glasses, her brother wearing a sweatshirt, and their father, all wearing masks, pose for a photo before getting their flu shots

Above from left: Kiera, Brian and Conor of the Fisher-Sleigh family were among the first to receive their flu shots on the opening day of our vaccine clinics. Below: Matthew and Miriam Anderson agree that one benefit of getting your flu shot at RVNAhealth in September and October is that you can wait al fresco in perfect comfort.

2020 has introduced a whole new lexicon to our world: “coronavirus,” “asymptomatic,” “community spread,” “flattening the curve,” and, as we enter the fall season … “twindemic.”  Twindemic refers to the concern of a fall/winter COVID-19 spike coinciding with a severe flu season. Consequently, this year more than ever, health experts are urging everybody (ages 6 months +) to get their flu shots. The flu vaccination can decrease both infection rates and severity of flu-related respiratory illness, which ultimately saves lives and will help to reduce the load on the healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, when is the right time to get the flu shot and reduce your chances of a “twindemic”?  Is now too early? No, it’s not.

The CDC recommends September and October as optimal times to get vaccinated. (July and August, however, are premature.)  The flu season generally hits hardest between December to March, but cases begin earlier in the season and an early fall vaccination will keep you covered. Plan for it to take about two weeks after vaccination for your body to develop the intended response protection. 

RVNAhealth offers flu shots every weekday (by appointment) and on Saturdays beginning in October. We have preservative-free flu vaccines for the whole family, ages 6 months and older and High Dose for ages 65+. Pneumonia vaccines are also available for those 65+. For full details, as well as information on our drive-through and community clinics, visit our Flu & Pneumonia Immunizations page or call 203-438-5555.

Put the flu shot on your calendar today!

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