Say ‘Boo’ to the Flu!

More than just a cute phrase — a grant-funded program to keep kids healthy and safe.

Every year, RVNAhealth provides flu vaccines to hundreds and hundreds of children, age six-months to 18.  We do our best to make this often-feared experience an appealing one – through the professionalism and warmth of our nursing team; through special penguin-shaped ice packs to help numb a tender arm; through simple rewards like cute band-aids, stickers, lollipops, and a free post-vaccine ice cream, courtesy of local favorite Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe.  And this year, through drive-through flu clinics, where kids could bring their real animals, stuffed animals, toys – whatever they wanted to keep themselves happy and comfortable.

And while most kids still wouldn’t choose a vaccine over a playdate, many families return to RVNAhealth year after year for their annual flu vaccine, because the experience is so positive and the team so capable.

RVNAhealth is able to run our pediatric flu program in part through a generous Say ‘Boo’ to the Flu! grant funded by VNAA (Visiting Nurse Associations of America) and Clorox, who team up together to make flu vaccinations easy and accessible for busy families. RVNAhealth is one of only 17 health care providers nationwide who earned this grant in 2020.

We are grateful to VNAA and Clorox for their mission and generosity, and we thank the families and children who bring spirit and smiles to our flu season each year.

Here are just a few …

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