Rehabilitation Programs & Therapies

RVNAhealth offers a complete range of rehabilitation and therapy programs and services. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery, or are experiencing discomfort that is compromising your mobility — and perhaps your happiness — RVNAhealth therapists provide the specialized care and treatment you need to help regain your strength, mobility, balance, and health, and to return to the life that you love.

RVNAhealth programs and therapies are available both in your home and at RVNAhealth’s Rehabilitation & Wellness Center in Ridgefield, CT. 

Physical Therapy

RVNAhealth’s physical therapy services address pain, weaknesses or immobility caused by sports, injury, surgery or illness, or other life events. RVNAhealth therapists provide the specialized care and treatment you need to help regain your strength, mobility and balance. 

Occupational Therapy

RVNAhealth occupational therapists (OTs) help people perform everyday tasks in order to live a full, productive life. OTs may help individuals recovering from an injury or stroke regain lost skills, or support older adults experiencing physical or cognitive changes. RVNAhealth’s Activities of Daily Living program helps patients develop the skills they need to successfully complete day-to-day activities on their own.

RVNAhealth Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

RVNAhealth speech therapists offer cognitive training and speech language retraining to help individuals recovering from a stroke, experiencing swallowing difficulties or living with Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and more.  RVNAhealth speech therapists provide customized treatment plans based on individual needs and employ targeted speech therapy applications and technologies to develop well-rounded plans of care that patients can continue independently. 

RVNAhealth lsvt big and loud program for parkensons

Vestibular Therapy

If you are experiencing general dizziness, suffer from headaches or frequent falls, or experience imbalance or the need to hold onto objects when walking, our specially trained therapists can help. Vestibular therapy is a form of rehabilitation for patients experiencing dizziness and balance problems. Three of our therapists hold certifications by The American Institute of Balance in Vestibular Rehabilitation: Gigi Weiss, MSPT, Casey Sarmiere, MSPT, and Crystal Madyda, MSPT.

RVNAhealth wellness programs for patients feeling dizzy

Otago Fall Prevention

A fall can be dangerous at any age. Otago is a strength and balance retraining program that reduces the risk of falls and related injuries. The program focuses on muscle strength, balance, flexibility and reaction time. After an initial balance assessment, our trained therapists create a program tailored to your level of functioning. We offer Otago to our home health patients as well as a standalone outpatient program for people concerned about falling.

Our Approach

Hands-on. One-on-One.  Personalized. Collaborative. Goal-oriented. RVNAhealth’s highly-experienced therapists partner with you and your providers to develop a custom plan to achieve your goals.

Our aim is to get the most out of each visit — when in your home or at our Rehabilitation & Wellness Center. Following each session, your therapist will provide you with customized exercises to practice between appointments.

Our Team

RVNAhealth’s physical, speech and occupational therapists are fully-certified and are highly-experienced, skilled, and caring.  Their background includes extensive years of clinical practice, as well as training in manual therapeutic techniques, kinesio taping, and neuro-muscular therapy. Our therapists receive ongoing training to ensure their skills and modalities are progressive and current. 

Payment & Insurance

Please contact RVNAhealth Rehabilitation with specific insurance questions, (203) 438-RVNA (7862) or see our Payment & Insurance page.  

I recently finished a program of outpatient physical therapy at RVNAhealth. Day in and day out, my physical therapist’s patience, positive energy and deep knowledge helped me make incredible progress. She somehow found the balance between pushing me when she thought I could do more, and not pushing me before I was ready.”

R. Thorn, Ridgefield, CT

Meet the Director

Gigi Weiss, MSPT

Director of Rehabilitation Services

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