RVNAhealth Occuptional Therapists help recover everyday skills

RVNAhealth occupational therapists (OTs) help people perform everyday tasks in order to live a full, productive life. OTs may help individuals recovering from an injury or stroke regain lost skills, or support older adults experiencing physical or cognitive changes. RVNAhealth’s Activities of Daily Living program helps patients develop the skills they need to successfully complete day-to-day activities on their own by teaching and practicing everyday tasks, such as grooming, dressing, and food preparation.

Our Team

RVNAhealth’s physical, speech and occupational therapists are fully-certified and are highly-experienced, skilled, and caring.  Their background includes extensive years of clinical practice, as well as training in manual therapeutic techniques, kinesio taping, and neuro-muscular therapy. Our therapists receive ongoing training to ensure their skills and modalities are progressive and current. 


Our Approach

Hands-on. One-on-One.  Personalized. Collaborative. Goal-oriented. RVNAhealth’s highly-experienced therapists partner with you and your providers to develop a custom plan to achieve your goals.

Our aim is to get the most out of each visit — when in your home or at our Rehabilitation & Wellness Center. Following each session, your therapist will provide you with customized exercises to practice between appointments.

To schedule an appointment or inquire about a particular need, please call RVNAhealth at (203) 438-5555 or contact us ››

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