Thanking our StayingWELL Caregivers

RVNAhealth caregiver appreciation week 2023

Last week RVNAhealth celebrated Caregiver Appreciation Week for our StayingWELL non-medical caregivers. The RVNAhealth StayingWELL caregiver team is a group of exceptional individuals who work tirelessly for our clients, bringing tremendous skills, compassion, and pride to their job. We are proud to recognize this team of over 200 individuals.

Caregiver Appreciation Week 2023

As part of the celebration, caregivers were treated to a drop-in buffet lunch and snack bar, raffle, and gift bags at our New Milford and Ridgefield, CT offices. “I and the StayingWELL staff team are so proud of our caregivers. They are simply the best and we love the opportunity to celebrate their hard work, compassion, and overall contribution to our clients’ lives. During our event, some clients even came along with their caregiver – which was a wonderful surprise and extra special way to capture the gratitude we all felt,” said Melissa Woodhouse, Director of RVNAhealth StayingWELL Services.

Celebrating Caregivers Year-Round with Our Above & Beyond Program

While we formally celebrate this appreciation week just one time annually, we are honored to have our caregivers recognized by our clients continuously throughout the year. Our StayingWELL Caregiver Above & Beyond Program is a monthly recognition program to highlight and recognize those caregivers who go above and beyond in their jobs. There is no better way to celebrate these amazing individuals than by sharing a few of the appreciative words we’ve received recently.

“Although only with Dad one day a week, Isaac and Vilma became comforting and consistent presences, rarely missing a Saturday and developing their own special rhythm for this weekend day. Isaac gave Dad a good shave and watched sports games with him, helping to keep him awake and interested, when sleeping was really his go-to preference. Vilma was amazingly encouraging and soothing when Dad felt overwhelmed and missed my mom or needed that extra motivation to get out of his comfortable recliner.” – Daughter, Katy L.

“Meisie has been a live-in aide for me for the past few months. Not only is she a great cook; she is a wonderful companion. She makes sure I eat well-made and nutritious meals. She also drives me to any appointments I may have and always helps me in and out of the car and wheels me in the wheelchair to the appointment. When a family member can’t accompany me to an appointment, she always writes down the questions that need to be asked to keep my care current.” – Judy V., Danbury

“Karen exemplifies what this nomination is all about. She goes “above and beyond” what her job description calls for. Karen is tireless – always anticipating my husband’s needs. Karen also helps me to keep up with household chores. Karen is always professional and lives up to the standards of RVNAhealth at all times” – P.C., Southbury

To all our StayingWELL caregivers, you are an invaluable part of our RVNAhealth family. A heartfelt thank you – your dedication is genuinely cherished! To read more caregiver Above & Beyond testimonials, visit our Meet the Caregivers webpage.

Caregiver Appreciation Week 2023 Photo Gallery:

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