RVNAhealth Hospice Program Earns CHAP Re-Accreditation

During the week of September 27th, a CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Partner) surveyor was on-site in Ridgefield, conducting an audit of our Hospice program for re-accreditation; and reviewing our Palliative Care program for official accreditation.  It could not have gone better.

The surveyor was extremely impressed by our hospice program, sharing some of the following feedback with us: “The hospice survey was perfect,” “Documentation was wonderful,” “Care coordination was pristine,” “Not a visit was missed per the MD orders,” “All personnel records were in perfect order with no missing documents.”

The words the surveyor used to describe the team were: “Perfect. Wonderful. Respectful. Excellent inter-disciplinary coordination and documentation.”  She was also very impressed with our Palliative Care program which already has all the foundational components well in place.  We are well on our way to accreditation.

While we are already familiar with the remarkable work of our ComfortWELL team, through our own observations, and patient and family commentaries (see letters of gratitude in image above), it’s always nice when accrediting bodies come to the same conclusion.

RVNAhealth is extremely proud of all our team members — both clinical and administrative — who worked together not only to achieve this outstanding CHAP review, but who work together every day of the year to provide the highest level of patient and family care.



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