RVNAhealth Adds In-Home Private Duty Nursing to its Service Lineup

A happy private duty nurse with a stethoscope talks to an elderly

RVNAhealth is excited to announce the addition of in-home Private Duty Nursing services to its existing suite of services.  With this introduction, RVNAhealth now provides in-home nursing services NOT covered by insurance.

Private Duty Nurses are available to serve patients across a range of non-covered medical services, including hands-on nursing care as well as consultative, advocacy, and training help.

Medical care services include such offerings as medication management, pre-pours, and administration, routine injections not covered by insurance, respiratory treatments, ventilator, trach, and feeding tube care, and elective procedure recovery, to name just a few. 

Private Duty Nurses can also assist patients ‘informationally.’  They can accompany patients to medical appointments — asking questions, collecting information, and providing feedback and guidance to families and loved ones.  They can provide education to patients and families, and train family caregivers on routine care needs.  For distant families, a Private Duty Nurse can act as a central point of contact, providing ongoing health monitoring, managing physician communications, offering professional insights and affording peace of mind that a loved one is being well cared for and well looked after.

“RVNAhealth added Private Duty Nursing to our roster of services in response to a clear need among our existing patients and clients,” explains Theresa Santoro, MSN, RN, CHCA, President & Chief Executive Officer.  “We were founded over a century ago on visiting nurse services and we offer skilled nursing at our Center for Exceptional Care in Ridgefield, so Private Duty Nursing was a logical next step. We have a wealth of nursing talent and resources at our fingertips and we are very happy to extend this expertise in new and necessary ways.”

A significant benefit of Private Duty Nursing is direct and convenient access to high-quality, personalized care at the time that it is needed. Because Private Duty Nursing operates outside of the realm of insurance, access to services can be immediate and flexible, offered in-home or at a patient’s facility, with no limitations on time or length of service. RVNAhealth Private Duty Nurses work directly with a patient’s physicians, ensuring a collaborative and individualized care plan. 

RVNAhealth Private Duty Nurses are employed by RVNAhealth as either Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses and all have access to the entire RVNAhealth suite of services and team, ensuring seamless care and transition between services if needed.  Private Duty Nursing Services are available to patients in-home and at facilities located in the 35+ Connecticut towns served by RVNAhealth.  

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