Flu and Pneumonia Immunizations

A middle aged man wearing a peach-colored shirt gets his flu shot from a blonde nurse wearing a white jacket

Flu & Pneumonia Immunizations

If you have not already received your flu vaccine this year, or are due for a pneumonia vaccine, the CDC is currently recommending that you do so now (despite that Spring has just begun). The CDC guidelines are: everyone 6 months or older should receive an annual influenza vaccine; and, for those 65 years or older who have been advised by their physician to receive a pneumonia immunization, and are not immunocompromised, Pneumovax23 is currently the preferred first line of pneumonia immunization.

The pneumonia vaccine will not protect you from the coronavirus. It will, however, heighten your antibody response to bacterial pneumonias and lower the risk for these.

For flu and pneumonia immunizations, by appointment only, contact RVNAhealth at 203-438-5555 or kscribner@rvnahealth.org. For insurance information, please visit our Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines page.

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