Well-Child Collaboration Receives Statewide Recognition

RVNAhealth was recently invited, along with Anne Mead, Director of Family, School and Community Partnerships at Danbury Public Schools, to present to a statewide panel of educators at the Connecticut Department of Education’s “Tuesday Talks” series.  Our collaboration was recognized as a statewide model for its ability to remove barriers for families to receiving well-child services upon registering their child to school.

What is the RVNAhealth/Danbury Public Schools Collaboration? Danbury Public Schools continue to see a growth in student registration.  The current healthcare system, especially for uninsured students, cannot support the related increased need for required school physicals and immunizations.  This imbalance can result in delayed school starts for kids of up to five weeks or more after registering.

To help address this growing issue, RVNAhealth is working with the Danbury Public Schools to host on-site well-child clinics at a Danbury school.  As children register for school, they are immediately scheduled for their physical and immunizations at RVNAhealth’s next well-child clinic.

At each of our 2-day clinics, bilingual clinicians provide children with full physicals, exams for vision and hearing, tuberculosis screenings, height and weight assessments, and more.  We also schedule kids for follow-up appointments at future clinics so they can complete their vaccination series.  An RVNAhealth social worker is also available to help enroll children in HUSKY, the state’s health care system.  At the end of appointments, we provide families with resource guides, and full bags of food, toiletries, and other personal care items to take home.

As we look to the future and evolve our well-child offerings, our plans include linking children to an established local physician’s office for future needs, providing more mental health support, and coordinating with other local agencies to connect families to community resources. These programs are made possible through grants and the generosity of our donors.  RVNAhealth is proud of our collaboration with the Danbury Public Schools, and we thank our staff, community partners, and donors for supporting this impactful program to benefit many children and families in the community.

Thank You to Community Food Rescue – A Helping Hand in RVNAhealth’s Well-Child Clinics

Across the United States, food insecurity for families with school-aged children is a common reality – and Fairfield County is no exception. Thanks, in large part, to Community Food Rescue of Danbury, families attending our RVNAhealth well-child clinics in Danbury are receiving large grocery bags (about 10-15 lbs.) of food to bring home.

Since June of 2021, RVNAhealth has distributed over 600 bags of food to families in need at pop-up COVID vaccination clinics and well-child clinics. Over 400 of these bags were donated by a dedicated community partner: Community Food Rescue of Danbury.  These bags include enough items for at least three complete meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.  When available, they also include fresh produce and dairy from local farms and grocery stores.  In fact, during one of RVNAhealth’s Danbury vaccination clinics last summer, a volunteer from Community Food Rescue picked up fresh produce from a local Connecticut farm and drove straight to our site for families to take whatever they needed from a packed 20-foot truck!

Community Food Rescue is run by manager, Linda Hutchings, who started the organization September of 2020. With the help of a generous donor and a group of committed individuals, Community Food Rescue is determined to help end food insecurity in the Greater Danbury area.  Linda has vast experience with food-insecure populations, having organized a soup kitchen in Bridgeport for over 15 years.  “Feeding people is something I have always enjoyed doing,” says Linda.

At RVNAhealth, we are immensely grateful to Linda and everyone at Community Food Rescue for sharing our passion of caring for those in need.  “Linda’s commitment to helping families is unwavering.  Whenever we call her with a need, she always finds a way.  Her joy and excitement about her mission are genuine and it is a true privilege to work with her,” says Stephanie Collins, Program Manager for Community Health and Wellness at RVNAhealth.

If you are interested in supporting RVNAhealth’s partnership with the Community Food Rescue, please contact Stephanie Collins at scollins@rvnahealth.org, or to donate to RVNAhealth’s community health and wellness initiatives, click here.

Community Food Rescue is located at 78 Triangle St. in Danbury and is open to the public on Thursdays with Spanish-speaking staff to assist those in need of translating.  For more information, contact: 203.733.8848 or email communityfoodrescue@gmail.com.

In the Words of our Patients and Loved Ones…

When over 95% of people using our Rehabilitation & Wellness Center say they would highly recommend outpatient therapy at our Ridgefield office locations, we nod and smile in acknowledgement of the tremendous efforts put forth by our rehabilitation team.

In recognition of our therapists and office staff, we proudly share a few words provided by recent patients about their experiences with us.

  • “Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable, which made me feel very comfortable in understanding the treatment for my injury.” – Alex L., Ridgefield
  • “Elaine is excellent and communicates clearly what needs to be done between visits.” – Anonymous
  • “Professional – from workup to discharge. Constant checking on progress with exercises, adding new ones. Encouraging, friendly. Jeff was great! Staff friendly. A great experience.” – Myrna S., South Salem
  • “Therapists were very easy to work with and willing to try new approaches.” – Anonymous
  • “Kristine and Jeff were great. Enjoyed working with them. Peggy at the front desk was very sweet. They were all great. I looked forward to coming. They worked their schedule around me. Friendly and very helpful.” – Victoria L., Ridgefield
  • “Sarah did a great job. Cannot Improve!” – Anonymous
  • “Ever want to peel back the onion on how you run? I HIGHLY recommend the Running Evaluation at RVNAhealth…Kate is AMAZING. – Anonymous
  • “RVNAhealth has been a top notch therapy program to me. Susan, Sarah and Kristine have been great in my recovery. Always enthusiastic and positive. Provided great exercises to do at home and follow up at appointments.” – Lisa L., New Fairfield

Thank you to all of our patients for sharing your feedback! RVNAhealth’s Rehabilitation & Wellness Center specialties include physical, occupational, speech, and vestibular therapies, orthopedic programs for joint replacement recovery, balance and falls prevention, LSVT BIG & LOUD, and sports injury rehabilitation.  Additionally, the Center also offers running assessments, custom orthotics, and other personalized fitness services. For more information, contact us at 203.438.7862 or click here to learn more about us.

RVNAhealth in Your Town – This month we are in Bethel, CT!

Welcome to one of our new segments where we are profiling the towns that we serve. On deck this month is Bethel! With nearly 100 years of presence in this town, Bethel is also called ‘home’ by 25 RVNAhealth employees. Read more to find out what we’ve been up to in Bethel, read some input from local friends and supporters, and get the inside scoop on ‘best of’ recommendations by some of our very own local team!

Fun Facts about Bethel:

  • Location: Northern Fairfield County, 60 miles northeast of New York City
  • Size: ~20,000 population
  • Fun Fact: Bethel is the birthplace to Phineas Taylor Barnum (P.T. Barnum), founder of the circus that became the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
  • RVNAhealth Fact: Bethel is home to 25 RVNAhealth employees!
  • While in Bethel…Our own employee recommendations:
    • Best pizza: 3 way tie on this one – there must be a lot of good pizza in Bethel! Check these out: Famous Pizza, Bethel Pizza House, and Victoria’s Pizza
    • Best ice cream: Dr. Mike’s Ice Cream Shop (Marie M., QAPI Clinical Specialist)
    • Best coffee: Molten Java (Melissa G., CNA)
    • Best hiking place: Franc Preserve – The Friends of the Franc Preserve recently established a native wildflower meadow (Julia D., Development Manager)
    • Best place for a picnic: Meckauer Park (Laura C., Director of Community Health and Wellness)
    • Best historical gem: Poker Rock (Christine F., Hospice CNA)
    • Other Best (write-in category): A lot of people don’t realize the Bethel Fire Department has a museum. It has a lot of amazing artifacts including firetruck from the early 1900s (Julia D.).

RVNAhealth Events in Bethel:

  • Mary Edna Cargill Scholarship Awards, June 2021. Since 1968, the Mary Edna Cargill Scholarship has been awarded each year to Bethel residents who are enrolled in or accepted to a degree program in a health-related field. This scholarship memorializes Mary Edna Cargill, a Bethel VNA nurse who was both a school and home care nurse. This year’s awards went to 4 deserving students — read more here.
  • Bethel Shop & Stroll, July 2021. We had a blast meeting people during this summer event. Our balance assessments and hugs with our therapy dog, Sophia, made for a fun day!
  • Bethel Healthcare window painting, August 2021. Our own Kathy Haven, RVNAhealth Lead Account Manager, stepped up to help our partner, Bethel Healthcare, create window painting masterpieces to bring cheer to residents and patients.
  • NFP Food & Supplies Drive, November 2021. We thank Caraluzzi’s Bethel for allowing us to collect needed items for the RVNAhealth Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program. The NFP program provides nursing help and support for young, first-time, low-income Moms from pregnancy through age 2.
  • RVNAhealth Flu Clinics in Bethel, September-November 2021. We were honored to be able to deliver 580 flu shots at 10 RVNAhealth flu clinics held in Bethel this past fall.

Words with Friends:

This month we reached out to some friends who live or work in Bethel and asked them to say a few words about their relationship with RVNAhealth. We value all our relationships in Bethel – employees, patients, partners, and supporters. We are honored to work, live, and serve in this wonderful community!

Stan Kessler, DDS, RVNAhealth Board Member. “After being a member of the Board of Directors of the Bethel Visiting Nurse Association for many years, I was asked to join the inaugural Board of the newly formed RVNAhealth, which merged Bethel’s VNA with New Milford’s and Ridgefield’s VNAs. Since its founding in 1927, Bethel’s VNA successfully grew and evolved through changing and challenging public health care needs, while maintaining its focus on its individual clients. Combining the three VNAs has resulted in both continuing the excellent personal care that the Bethel VNA provided and expanding the numerous services that are available. We can now add hospice care, physical therapy, in-home rehabilitation, personal care giving, public health and safety programs, and numerous other services that support everyone from neonatal to end of life care. I am proud to support RVNAhealth!”

Dan Carter, RVNAhealth Board Member. “There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our town’s residents and the VNA, first as Bethel VNA and now as RVNAHealth, has been there for us every step of the way! Over the years I have run into people of all ages across our town that have benefited from the care and services of the professionals at RVNAhealth, and I have learned they provide so much more than in-home care. It’s what prompted me to join the board of directors and help them provide healthcare when and where it is needed. I encourage Bethel residents to check out RVNAhealth and learn more about the services available.”

Brenda Moon LPN, COF, CMF, CDME, CPC-A, Medical Home Care, Bethel, BOC Certified Orthotic & Mastectomy Fitter, DME Sales. “I have worked with both Bethel VNA and RVNAhealth for many years, referring patients when appropriate and working together for the people we both care for and for the Bethel community. RVNAhealth is fabulous and the full circle of services, from rehab to home health care to the clinicians covering so many towns. I know who to call at RVNAhealth for questions and resources for my clients.  Medical Home Care has been involved with RVNAhealth’s annual Health Fair for many years. RVNAhealth was a hero during the pandemic.  I know a lot of people in town and many local companies provide my personal services like McKleans Cleaners, Stony Hill Dental, Quality Gem and Hollandia. RVNAhealth is a home health care agency that has Bethel’s back.”

Stronger Together…18 Months Later

For over a century, RVNAhealth, New Milford VNA and Hospice and Bethel VNA have been neighbors and collaborators, each serving a parallel mission in our respective communities. Over the decades, we have each grown- expanding our range of services, our territorial reach, and deepening our ties to the patients and families we serve.

In 2020, we came to the realization that there is strength and talent in numbers. By joining forces, we could all be stronger, better, and healthier for the long term. As organizations, we had a lot in common. We had over 300 years of history between us. We had parallel missions, overlapping services, and overlapping towns served. We shared common goals and common challenges.

So here we are 18 months later…How’s it going?

Below, Theresa Santoro, MSN, RN, CHCA, RVNAhealth President & Chief Executive Officer, shares her thoughts.

“I’m proud to say it is going well!

Our boards of directors have joined forces and established one, unified governing body to oversee and shepherd the combined centuries-long mission of a not-for-profit home health, hospice, and community health organization.

We’ve established a 3 -5-year strategic plan, a roadmap shaping the way for our future, ensuring we continue to meet the growing needs of all populations of people we serve in a changing healthcare landscape.

Our driving force is the health and well-being of our patients and communities- today, tomorrow and 50 years from now. Our patients were our priority. All patients under the care of New Milford and Bethel were seamlessly transferred to RVNAhealth. Today, we have an average daily census of nearly 1,100 patients across all our service lines. To accomplish this significant growth successfully, we pooled our collective talent and resources and invested deeply in people, service, and technology, all while managing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The merged organization has allowed us to grow and thrive while maintaining the mission-driven history of each former agency. Our new organization is stronger and more valuable for generations to come, and offers access to the best home and community healthcare.

We’ve adopted and grown all services and programs brought on at the merge and now have an enhanced continuum of care to address all ages, stages and levels of health including preventive and wellness programs.

We continue to uphold our legacies recognizing there is strength in collaboration to meet today’s challenges in delivering care. We’ve made significant investments in talent, programming, technology, and specialty services to meet the needs of a larger territory of towns served. By sharing these resources and making future investments together, we’ve set a stronger foundation for the future.”

Thank you Theresa!  And thank you to the entire RVNAhealth employee population for working hard to ensure that patient care remained our top priority through the transitions of the last 18 months. We look forward to continuing to grow as a best-in-class agency for our employees and the communities we serve. 

In the Words of our Patients and Loved Ones…

Patient Testimonial for Vicky Clifford

I am writing to express my appreciation for the excellent service I have received from Victoria Clifford, [OTR, CDP, RVNAhealth Occupational Therapist] during my recovery from spinal surgeries.

Ms. Clifford strikes the optimal balance of professionalism and compassion. She has been invaluable to me by teaching me multiple techniques for safe and effective self care, including but not limited to development of self reliance regarding showering and dressing. She has surveyed every aspect of my life and given me wise counsel for improving my safety and quality of life. She has helped me to acquire essential tools for fulfilling that counsel.

Ms. Clifford is a born teacher. She explains unfamiliar matters with clarity, thoroughness, and patience. She held me accountable but did so with understanding and compassion.

In sum, she has surpassed her duty and exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much for providing her services to me. She has been instrumental in my successful recovery.

Thanks again,
Richard H. Greenwood

Family Testimonial for Vicky Clifford

From Gigi Weiss, MPT, Director of Rehabilitation Services: “I just got off the most pleasant phone call with the son of one of our patients. He said Vicky was one of the nicest, most intelligent, and professional people that he has ever met in healthcare. She was so patient and tolerant with his mother. He also said if Vicky ‘were a ball player she would be batting 1000.’ These kind words were passed along because he knows how hard everyone works in healthcare and it is not easy.”

Thank you Vicky for your tremendous care and efforts!  And thank you to our patients and families for your appreciation of, and trust in our care.

In the Words of our Patients and Loved Ones…

“In February, 2021, my close friend Lewis Little died at his Redding home. In his final days, Lewis and I and his family received amazing care and support from your Hospice staff.  I continue to receive outreach from your Bereavement team, which I find very comforting. I sing with the Ridgefield Chorale.  Our Spring concert this May will include a video presentation of singers’ expression of thanks to people and organizations that supported them during the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.  My intention is to include a photograph of myself holding a sign thanking RVNAhealth Hospice Services.”

– Margaret Sheahan

For more information about RVNAhealth Hospice services, please call 203.438.5555 or visit our website.


Spring Breakfast Returns! Mark Your Calendars for April 29th.

Every year, RVNAhealth hosts a Spring Breakfast with a turnout of over 400 supporters raising funds for important RVNAhealth programs. Due to the pandemic, this event had to be put on a two-year hiatus. However, RVNAhealth is excited to announce that the 21st Annual Spring Breakfast is in full bloom for Friday, April 29thfrom 7:30 to 9 a.m., at The Amber Room Colonnade catering venue, located at 1 Stacey Road in Danbury.  

Funds raised allow RVNAhealth to fulfill its mission of providing care when and where it is needed to residents of over 35 Connecticut towns regardless of age, diagnosis, or financial circumstances. Most importantly, it helps the organization make a lasting impact on the lives of those served. Some programs the funds will benefit include providing Well Child Clinics, flu vaccinations, and nursing and rehab care for senior citizens in need of these services. It is truly an inspiring morning and a great way to start the day!  

This year’s impact speaker is Kate Denoyer Fitzpatrick, CEO & Founder of Kate Fitzpatrick Consulting. A long-time volunteer at RVNAhealth, Fitzpatrick has also experienced the love, comfort and compassionate care of RVNAhealth, firsthand. “I encourage you to attend and help us fund essential health and wellness programs. If you cannot join us in person, I encourage you to make a donation to help us continue this very important work”, says Fitzpatrick. Along with Fitzpatrick’s compelling testimonial will be a delicious breakfast, live auction, a raffle with dozens of prizes, and an opportunity to make a difference!  

If you are interested in supporting and/or attending the Spring breakfast, please contact Julia Douglas, Development Manager, at 203.438.5555, x1018 or jdouglas@rvnahealth.org. For more information about the event, please visit RVNAhealth.org.