NEW! RVNAhealth Dementia Education & Resources Program

RVNAhealth is excited to announce the introduction of its new Dementia Education & Resources Program, launching officially in March! The new program is aimed at those diagnosed in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or other dementias, and for family members or caregivers at any stage of caring for a loved one. With RVNAhealth’s extensive experience providing care and healthcare services for those with dementia, the new Dementia Education & Resources Program will introduce a robust calendar of educational, therapeutic and support components to our communities – all free of charge.

The Dementia Program “Why”

Many find the staggering statistics around dementia surprising. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in three seniors, ages 65+, dies with a form of dementia. And even more surprising, many facing the diagnosis of dementia disease find there are very few resources to turn to for education, care, and support.  Gigi Weiss, MSPT, RVNAhealth Senior Director of Rehabilitative Therapies and Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) has witnessed the stories of dementia patients and their families firsthand. “Newly diagnosed dementia patients and their families often discover a harsh and frustrating reality of scattered resources. Many are left to face the battle on their own – one that can be frustrating, scary, and life-changing for both the individual and their loved ones and caregivers,” says Weiss. “This new program from RVNAhealth is intended to help fill that resources gap. We aim to provide regular education and therapeutic programs, and support groups to serve early to mid-stage dementia patients and loved ones and caregivers at all stages of the journey.”

RVNAhealth Dementia & Resources Program Formal Kickoff – March 7th

The RVNAhealth Dementia Education & Resources Program kicks off formally at our Ridgefield office event on March 7th from 1:00-2:30pm (in-person or via Zoom) with a presentation by guest physician, Dr. Alison McElhone, Gerontologist from Stamford Health, who will speak about the importance of early evaluation in cognitive decline and dementia. Also, during this event, Weiss and other RVNAhealth dementia experts will present introductory education and and an overview of our new resources program, including the calendar lineup of internal and external dementia experts scheduled to present on topics ranging from nutritional impacts, to understanding the linkage with hearing loss, recommended home modifications, and more (see details below). To register to attend this event in-person or virtually, please view our event and follow the registration link.

Upcoming lineup of events following our kickoff:

  • March 26th: Understanding the Cognitive Benefits of Exercise in Dementia Care
  • April 4th: The Impact of Nutrition on Dementia Care
  • April 9th: The Unheard Connection: Exploring the Link between Hearing Loss and Dementia
  • May 8th: Helping You Meet the Dementia Challenge
  • May 16th: Home Modifications for Dementia-Friendly Living
  • June 4th: Legal and Long-Term Financial Planning in Dementia Care
  • June 18th: Hospice Care and Comfort – End Stage Dementia: A Compassionate Approach
  • Plus ongoing support groups

Need Dementia Information or Support Sooner?

Leading up to our March 7th formal kickoff, we are excited to also offer an educational event, “Helping You Meet The Dementia Challenge,” at the Ridgefield Library on February 15th from 1:30-2:30pm.  Weiss and RVNAhealth’s Danielle Taibi, Home Health Aide Supervisor – both Certified Dementia Practitioners, will explain how to recognize the symptoms and stages of the condition, and discuss coping techniques that can be implemented during the early stages. The team will also discuss how to recognize when professional assistance and intervention may be necessary, along with strategies to make challenges and transitions more manageable. Please register HERE to attend this Feb 15th event.

RVNAhealth also continues its existing dedication to dementia support through its monthly Alzheimer’s Association-backed support groups.  RVNAhealth’s own Melissa Wutke, HHA Supervisor, Certified Dementia Practitioner, facilitates an Alzheimer’s Association monthly caregiver support group at RVNAhealth in Ridgefield.

Stay In Touch With Us

To stay in touch with us about details or to register for any of these or RVNAhealth’s other educational and program offerings, please check out our calendar of events regularly.  And if you would like to subscribe to our RVNAhealth Dementia-specific communications, please sign up HERE.

Adaptive Equipment on Someone’s Holiday List?

RVNAhealth adaptive equipment recommendations

Okay, so adaptive equipment may not actually be on your loved one’s holiday wish list.  But for those who struggle with strength, mobility, or sensory issues, adaptive equipment can enable independence, enhance quality of life, and boost confidence. So RVNAhealth is here to offer great suggestions that might make someone’s holiday brighter!

Our clinicians are always eager to share suggestions on equipment that can make life easier when it comes to mobility and independence around the home. From kitchen, dressing, bed and bath, to grooming and beauty aids and even clothing — we’ve taken some of our clinicians’ most frequent recommendations and created a new webpage where you can browse these items and link directly through to purchase.

We welcome you to check back frequently as we continue to expand our list of recommended products. If you have questions regarding any of these products or usage, feel free to contact us.

See our RVNAhealth Adaptive Equipment Recommendations here!