Coronavirus Information

Friday, May 29, 2020 – RVNAhealth has been monitoring news and updates on the COVID-19 front released by organizations including CDC, WHO, FDA, State of CT, and other news sources. Click the button below for the latest news and updates.

At RVNAhealth, the health and safety of our patients and team is always a top priority.  Amid the concerns around Coronavirus, we are ever-monitoring the situation, reinforcing our standard health care protocols both within the RVNAhealth building as well as with our field team, and taking additional steps for extra vigilance. 

Older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. In additional to our internal measures, we remind all individuals of the following best practices to help keep yourself and others healthy: 

  • Stay home, Stay safe,” per Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s executive order for non-essential workers to not report to their workplaces.
  • If you must leave your home, do not travel in groups.
  • Keep at least six feet away from others.
  • Cancel/avoid non-essential gatherings of any size.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after visiting the restroom; before eating; after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing or touching your face.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow or a tissue, then discard the tissue in the trash. Clean your hands AGAIN.
  • Use alcohol gel hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available.
  • Utilize disinfectant wipes to wipe down high-touch areas such as counters, keyboards, doorknobs and other areas with frequent hand exposure.
  • Keep hand cleansers with you.
  • If you are sick, stay home; call (do not immediately visit) your health care provider for next steps; limit visitors.
  • Create a household plan of action in case of household illness or disruption of daily activities due to COVID-19 in the community.
  • Minimize trips to stores and other public places by keeping an advance supply of medications and groceries on hand.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath) and feel you may have been exposed to the coronavirus, please stay home and call your health care provider or your local Health Department to discuss your options. The CDC provides guidance on symptoms and what to do if you feel sick. Download the CDC’s COVID-19 Fact Sheet from the CDC in English, Spanish, or Chinese.

Video: How to Wash Your Hands

This video is silent, but the messages are loud and clear. Here are valuable insights from the CDC into the hows and whys of proper hand washing.

For further information or with questions, please contact

Brand New Day. Brand New …

Happy Multigenerational Family

RVNAhealth logoEffective Saturday, October 5, 2019, the Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association (RVNA) has changed our name to RVNAhealth. The name change reflects our breadth of services and regional reach, both of which have expanded significantly in the last decades.

RVNAhealth currently serves 35+towns in Connecticut, and offers care and wellness services for all ages, stages and levels of health.  The name change is the culmination of a strategic Rebranding initiative that was launched in 2014. 

Explains Theresa Santoro, MSN, RN, RVNAhealth President & CEO, “’Rebranding’ was identified at our 2014 strategic retreat when we recognized that there was an increasing disconnect between our direction – who we are, what we do, where we do it, and where we’re headed – and the name by which we call ourselves.  It warranted examination and action.”

The Evolution of RVNAhealth

RVNAhealth was founded in 1914 as the ‘District Nursing Association’ with a single nurse traveling by foot to serve Ridgefield families in their homes. Over the decades, the organization added community wellness services, as well as public health services for the town of Ridgefield.  Staff increased, offices moved, new towns were added to the service area, and the organization’s name was tweaked -– more than once.

The ‘District Nursing Association’ became the ‘Visiting Nurse Association of Ridgefield’ in 1994 and then the ‘Ridgefield Visiting Nursing Association’ in 2006.

The organization’s growth since 2006 has been particularly remarkable. 

Non-medical caregivers, an outpatient rehabilitation and wellness center, hospice services and an increasing wealth of prevention and wellness services have been added to the organization’s ‘continuum of care.’

Additionally, the RVNAhealth Center for Exceptional Care in Ridgefield CT opened in 2016, offering rehabilitation, nursing services, nutritional counseling and educational programs all on-premises – not to mention housing the administrative staff.

“Our growth has been very organic, in that we have added services in direct response to patient needs and natural evolutions in the landscape of healthcare,” says Santoro. “We have bolstered and refined our services that aid recovery and recuperation, plus added services that focus on prevention, independence, comfort and end-of-life care.” 

It was during this growth spurt that the Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association ‘outgrew’ our name. “As we examined the name, through internal analysis, focus groups, ideation sessions and competitive analysis,” explains Santoro, “it was clear that the geographic and service limitations of the name made it very confusing to the very people we were aiming to serve. It was time for another change.”

Onward Ho!

The new RVNAhealth name and brand are less a shift in direction, and more a formalization of the direction and course the agency has already taken. The new name retains the RVNA legacy and reputation, while expressing the umbrella under which all services reside: Health.  

In addition to the name change, the organization has redefined our overall brand to convey the comprehensive and integrated approach that RVNAhealth brings to care and wellness services.  A new tagline, For Lifelong Care and Wellness, has been added; the look and feel have been updated; and services have been re-categorized to represent the continuum of care that is unique to RVNAhealth. 

The new categories, the WELLs, include:

BEWELL:                     Services to Keep You Healthy

GETWELL:                  Services to Recover your Best Health

STAYWELL:                 Services to Remain Safely in Your Home

COMFORTWELL:       Hospice Care to Provide Comfort and Peace

All current RVNAhealth services reside under these categories. 

No Item Unturned …

The name change announcement was made at the annual RVNAhealth Autumn Dinner on Saturday, October 5, 2019 to an audience of over 200 close friends and supporters.  Following the announcement, the rollout of the brand new name and identify begins with a new website, social media sites, clinical apparel; building signage; printed materials, email addresses, stationery …. You name it, it needs to be updated!

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!


Introduction to Parkinson’s Disease – Ridgefield – FREE

Introduction to Parkinson’s Disease
RVNAhealth, 27 Governor Street, Ridgefield
Wednesday, August 28th
11:00am – 2:00pm


You Must Register <<HERE>> To Attend

Are you . . .

  • Newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease?
  • Been living with Parkinson’s for years?
  • A caregiver for someone with Parkinson’s?
  • A medical provider that treats people with Parkinson’s?

Discover the keys to a fulfilling life with Parkinson’s Disease at our upcoming presentation. Uncover the crucial role of nutrition, exercise, and holistic care in managing Parkinson’s symptoms. From understanding the fundamentals of the disease to exploring the impact of nutrition and tailored exercises, we’ll also address essential aspects like LOUD (Voice), Swallowing, and Cognition. RVNAhealth will share details on their new Parkinson’s Disease Center, providing multi-disciplinary support for a comprehensive approach to care. Join us for a concise yet insightful session that empowers individuals and their families with practical strategies for Parkinson’s well-being.


To learn more about the RVNAhealth Parkinson’s Center,
visit us at


Unlock the Secrets to Overcoming Loneliness – Bethel/Virtual – FREE

Unlocking the secrets to loneliness - educational event at RVNAhealth

Unlock the Secrets to Overcoming Loneliness

Bethel Public Library (with Virtual Option)
189 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel

Friday, August 9th
1:00pm – 2:00pm


People’s lives improve when they join a community of people who love and support them.  In today’s world, it often takes a team to care for people’s complex care and needs.  People benefit greatly from the wisdom, advice, and care from those who partner with them.  Research shows that social connections are important for our well-being.  Having support from family and friends is important for our happiness and health and is also instrumental to our ability to share information, learn from others, and seize economic opportunities.

Our speaker, Ryan Ventura  joined RVNAhealth in September of 2021 as a Business Development Care Manager.  RVNAhealth is one of the area’s most successful home health care companies with more than 500 staff serving our greater community.  Ryan’s role allows him to serve those who need care, as well as those who provide care for others.  He has a passion for service, for developing community relationships, and for building robust caregiving networks.  Prior to healthcare service, Ryan served 13 years as a Pastor, listening and helping people through all of life’s seasons.  Ryan, a native to New England, has lived in Fairfield County for the past 15 years. With three children of their own, Ryan and his wife are invested in their local community.  Currently, Ryan serves as a teaching mentor to young people with special needs.  He has also served in local theater arts productions.

Ryan Ventura, RVNAhealth Account Manager“Why health care?” is a question Ryan is frequently asked.  His response is simple:  “I care about people, it’s a big part of who I am. When serving as a Pastor, I saw how people’s lives improved when they joined a community of people who loved and supported them.  I learned that in today’s world, it often takes a team to care for people’s complex care-needs.  Personally, I have benefited greatly from the wisdom, advice, and care from those who have partnered with me.  Now, at RVNAhealth, I can stand with others to provide this kind of support both to those in need and their families.”  Ryan holds a Masters degree in Leadership and Ministry from Liberty University.

Dyskinesia and Off Time Treatment Option – Ridgefield or Virtual – FREE

parkinson's dyskinesia off time treatment options

Dyskinesia and Off Time Treatment Option

RVNAhealth, 27 Governor Street, Ridgefield (OR Offered Virtually)

Wednesday, June 26
3:00pm – 4:00pm

Do you struggle with Off Time and Dyskinesia? Come learn about the novel drug, GOCOVRI. Join Dr. Laxman Bahroo, DO, Department of Neurology, Georgetown University Hospital, along with a GOCOVRI patient ambassador to learn more.

Our patient ambassador will be available in person at RVNAhealth, while Dr. Bahroo will be presenting virtually. Come join us for this live event and learn more through presentation and open discussion.

REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND IN PERSON OR VIRTUALLY (link will be sent before/morning of event).
Thank you to our event host, Supernus Pharmaceuticals, for bringing this event to us! Snacks will be served.

Dr. Bahroo, DO, Dept. of Neurology, Georgetown University Hospital

Dr. Laxman Bahroo, DO, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology; Director, Botulinum Toxin Clinic; Director, Residency Program, Department of Neurology

Specialty: Neurology
Medical School: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, 2003
Internship: St. Luke’s Hospital, 2004
Residency: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, 2007
Fellowship: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, 2009
Certification(s): Psychiatry and Neurology, 2009
Special Interests: Movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease treatment, Deep brain stimulation management, Botulinum toxin injections for dystonia and spasticity

The Role of Geriatric Care Managers in Navigating the Aging Process

Geriatric Care Manager at RVNAhealth

What is a Geriatric Care Manager and why would I need one? This is an important question many have, but few know much (or enough) about! So let’s set the stage…

  • Do you have a loved one who has experienced a recent health or cognition change that will affect their daily or future living?
  • Do you know someone who is living alone or might need more care?
  • Do your loved ones have advanced directives in place, and have you had end-of-life care and wish discussions?

These scenarios only skim the surface in the range of topics that a Geriatric Care Manager can assist with. Whether seeking help during a period of transition or simply planning for the future, RVNAhealth’s Geriatric Care Management team of licensed clinical social workers offers expert senior guidance, advocacy, and support.

Help Designed For Navigating The Aging Journey

Navigating the complex world of senior care and aging requires careful knowledge and time. As RVNAhealth’s Geriatric Care Manager, Amy Feder, LCSW, CDP, CCM, works to support and educate clients and family members through their unique aging journey.

“I consider a large part of my role as an educator. Often, when a loved one experiences a sudden health or cognitive change, the children or spouse are not prepared for what those changes mean. Most are not aware of critical resources and options available to them.  That’s where I come in. I am a passionate counselor and advocate for our senior population. And helping individuals and families navigate the aging process is an honor,” says Amy.

Amy spends much of her time meeting with clients to understand needs, developing a plan, and then getting to work in connecting them with relevant and available resources and options. That work can span a wide range of support depending on an individuals’ needs and circumstances. Support may come in the form of education or advocacy on health and medical resources, connection to legal or financial assistance, social services, living and caregiving options, end-of-life planning, and more. “It can be really hard to summarize the services of a Geriatric Care Manager,” says Amy. “But that’s the beauty and importance of what this role is all about – it’s about each individual client and family and assisting them with their own specific needs.”

Questions or Want to Discuss a Geriatric Care Management Need?

RVNAhealth’s Geriatric Care Managers are available to clients on a private-pay basis for as little as an hour or for as long as an individual or family would like for ongoing needs and oversight.  “A lot can be accomplished in a one hour conversation,” says Amy. But she encourages anyone interested in learning more to first reach out for a free 15-minute consultation to help determine your specific needs.  If you have an inquiry or questions about Geriatric Care Management at RVNAhealth, please call us at 203.438.5555 option 2.

About Amy Feder, LCSW, CDP, CCM, RVNAhealth Geriatric Care Manager

Amy Feder, RVNAhealth Geriatric Care Manager, LCSW, CDP, CMCPrior to her new role, Amy worked as an RVNAhealth Hospice and Palliative Care Social Worker.  She has also worked for many years as a Geriatric Care Manager for the Senior Choice at Home program through Jewish Senior Services. Amy’s background as a Certified Dementia Practitioner/ Geriatric Case Manager has provided her a unique ability in supporting geriatric patients and their families.  Amy has facilitated caregiver support groups throughout assisted living facilities in Connecticut and has spoken on the importance of self-care for family members caring for elderly loved ones.

Amy received her Master’s in Social Work from NYU in 1994, and has worked at both NYU Medical Center and Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  Amy is a member of the Alzheimer’s Association, NASW, a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), and Certified Care Manager (CCM) through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers. She feels it is a privilege to provide care for the senior population.



About RVNAhealth

RVNAhealth is a private, 501c(3) non-profit organization which provides a continuum of care to people in 35+ towns across Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven Counties. RVNAhealth depends on financial support from individuals like you who believe that healthy communities improve the quality of life for everyone. Every gift — no matter the size — is critical to upholding our mission and sustaining our important work. If you would like to support RVNAhealth’s mission to deliver unmatched, compassionate healthcare when and where it is needed, please click here.

Ridgefield Thrift Shop Awards Grant to RVNAhealth’s Hospice program

Ridgefield Thrift Shop grant award to RVNAhealth 2024

The Ridgefield Thrift Shop has generously awarded RVNAhealth with a grant to support the Ridgefield Thrift Shop Hospice Fund at RVNAhealth. Thrift Shop volunteers, Annette Robertson and Shirley VanDam, presented the grant check to Theresa Santoro, RVNAhealth President & CEO, and MJ Heller, RVNAhealth Director of Philanthropy, at the Thrift Shop’s grant award reception on April 29, 2024.

The fund was initially established in 2019 to help sustain the critical services provided by RVNAhealth’s hospice program. The renewal of this grant will continue to offset many unreimbursed program costs, including bereavement support to patients and families, music and pet therapies, end-of-life wishes, and the annual memorial service to name a few.

RVNAhealth’s hospice program serves patients in their residences, including private homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes or hospitals, and it addresses physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs to ensure quality of life and comfort in one’s final days. The program has grown exponentially since its inception in late 2018 and now serves more than 450 hospice patients and their families annually. In addition, dedicated agency volunteers provided 1,600 hospice volunteer hours to ensure patients and their loved ones received companionship and support at this difficult time.

The relationship between RVNAhealth and the Ridgefield Thrift Shop dates back to 1937, when the Thrift Shop was created to support and sustain the work of RVNAhealth, then known as the District Nursing Association.  “We are so thankful for this opportunity to continue to work together to ensure quality health care remains accessible to individuals throughout Connecticut,” says MJ Heller, Director of Philanthropy at RVNAhealth.

“This grant will provide essential funding to our hospice program, making sure that our patients and their families receive the full care and support they need during such a sensitive time in their lives.  We are grateful to have compassionate and dedicated community partners like the Ridgefield Thrift Shop who help bring our mission to life.”

If you are interested in supporting RVNAhealth or learning more about our hospice or grants programs, please visit or contact MJ Heller, Director of Philanthropy, at 203.438.5555, x1206, or email

Dynamic Duo: Volunteer Lead and Therapy Dog Win Hospice Award

Stephanie Peppe, Hospice Volunteer Manager, and our beloved hospice therapy dog Sophia won the 2024 Florence Wald Award for Excellence in End-of-Life Care – Volunteer Award.

Pictured: Stephanie Peppe, Hospice Volunteer Manager, and Sophia (Therapy Dog), along with Theresa Santoro, RVNAhealth President & CEO, and the RVNAhealth Hospice and Palliative Care teams.

We are incredibly proud to announce that our very own Stephanie Peppe, Hospice Volunteer Manager, and our beloved hospice therapy dog Sophia won the 2024 Florence Wald Award for Excellence in End-of-Life Care – Volunteer Award. The award was presented at the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home Statewide Hospice & Palliative Care Annual Summit.

About the Award

Stephanie Peppe, Hospice Volunteer Manager, and our beloved hospice therapy dog Sophia won the 2024 Florence Wald Award for Excellence in End-of-Life Care – Volunteer Award.
Stephanie and Sophia are pictured here with Florence Wald’s daughter, Shari Vogler

The award was established to honor Florence Wald, a pioneer in improving the care of dying patients worldwide. Florence Wald’s focus on an interdisciplinary approach to end-of-life care led her to open the first hospice in the United States (here in Connecticut!) in 1971. As a visionary leader with an unwavering commitment to social justice and reverence for life, she invited patient, family, and team participation. She truly listened to their input which ultimately started the hospice reform movement in this country.

A Passion for Hospice Volunteers

In her role as Hospice Volunteer Manager, Stephanie Peppe is crucial in recruiting, training, and overseeing volunteers who provide invaluable support to hospice patients and their loved ones. Stephanie manages a team of 70+ volunteers and in the past 12 months, they have provided over 1,600 hours of help in the office and the field visiting patients and their family members.  Stephanie is steadfast in her mission to educate and inspire others to recognize the value of hospice volunteerism. “People are usually drawn to hospice volunteer work because of a positive personal experience with a loved one,” she says. “But I encourage all to consider hospice as a volunteer path. It really doesn’t take much except being there — sitting with a patient, walking the dog, or providing respite for the family so they can run errands,” she says. “Presence means the absolute world to patients and their families.”

Welcoming our Therapy Dog

On June 8, 2021, RVNAhealth welcomed Sophia, RVNAhealth’s Hospice Therapy Dog. Sophia was trained at ECAD — Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities and was originally intended to be a seeing-eye dog, but her calm demeanor and mild pace ultimately destined her to be the perfect facility/therapy dog. In addition to her hospice volunteer role, Stephanie took on the lead role for our pet therapy program.

A Dynamic Duo for RVNAhealth Hospice

Together, Stephanie and Sophia have helped pioneer a special approach to hospice care, bringing comfort and companionship to patients in a unique and meaningful way. Sophia’s presence has been a source of joy and comfort to many, embodying the spirit of compassion and companionship that is central to hospice care.

Stephanie’s tenacity in challenging misconceptions about hospice care, her dedication to educating and inspiring others, and her innovative use of animal-assisted therapy with Sophia truly set her apart as a leader in the field of end-of-life care. Sophia’s role as a therapy dog has brought comfort and joy to many patients and their families, highlighting the importance of companionship and emotional support in hospice care. Together, Stephanie and Sophia have touched the lives of countless individuals, embodying the spirit of Florence Wald’s interdisciplinary approach to end-of-life care. Congratulations to Stephanie and Sophia for embodying the spirit of excellence in hospice care!

For More Information About Volunteering at RVNAhealth

Watch Sophia, star in ‘A Day in the Life of a Hospice Volunteer”

RVNAhealth welcomes all inquiries for volunteer opportunities. The RVNAhealth volunteer program offers safe and diverse opportunities for donating time in a way that is purposeful and meaningful for everyday heroes of all ages. Share the gift of your time across our robust organization in an administrative role, or join our Hospice volunteer corps, dedicated to supporting patients and families at end-of-life. A little known fact specific to our hospice volunteers program — RVNAhealth, and all Medicare-certified hospice programs, are required by law to have 5% of service hours performed by volunteers.  Why?  Because hospice care in the U.S. was founded by volunteers, and the commitment to the power, beauty, and altruism of volunteering remains!

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at RVNAhealth, please visit us here and fill out our Volunteer Inquiry Form.



About RVNAhealth

 RVNAhealth is a private, 501c(3) non-profit organization which provides a continuum of care to people in 35+ towns across Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven Counties. RVNAhealth depends on financial support from individuals like you who believe that healthy communities improve the quality of life for everyone. Every gift — no matter the size — is critical to upholding our mission and sustaining our important work. If you would like to support RVNAhealth’s mission to deliver unmatched, compassionate healthcare when and where it is needed, please click here.

Supporter Spotlight: Meadow Ridge

Meadow Ridge - RVNAhealth supporter

Meadow Ridge, the lifecare community situated on a hilltop in Redding, has been a supporter of RVNAhealth for 14 years, and the partnership keeps getting stronger.

RVNAhealth Case Manager Aaron Crook, RN, is a familiar face across campus. He works with residents in independent living, assisted living, memory care, and with those returning to their apartments after rehabilitation in Ridge Crest, their skilled nursing center.

Aaron is quick to share, “I love RVNAhealth because it is a stand-alone, community-based nonprofit that has been around for more than 100 years. We are here to serve and invest in the health of our community.”

“My philosophy of nursing is to facilitate patient’s independence and well-being. I do as much as possible to help them find their inner healing and strength. My job as a nurse is to make patients not need me anymore,” he said. “And of course, we share the same goal, which is to keep people out of the hospital if possible.”

Aaron Crook with Meadow Ridge resident
Aaron Crook, RN, with Meadow Ridge resident, Bernice

Laura Barbieri, Director of Resident and Family Services, notes the many benefits of partnering with RVNAhealth: “The agency services many residents at Meadow Ridge, at all levels of care. The organization is devoted to the people they serve.  I find the staff to be extremely attentive and caring. They are responsive to calls and emails, and always willing to help resolve any issues or concerns.  RN Case Manager Aaron Crook is on property often throughout the work week.  He communicates with our staff and maintains continuity.”

Meadow Ridge, developed by Senior Care Development, LLC and managed by Benchmark Senior Living, is one of Connecticut’s most comprehensive continuing care retirement communities. Located in the picturesque town of Redding and recognized for excellence by U.S. News and World Report, Meadow Ridge sits on 136 acres and offers 285 independent living apartment homes, as well as assisted living and memory care. The campus also features Ridge Crest, an award-winning, sub-acute rehabilitation and skilled nursing center.  For more information, visit

RVNAhealth’s Annual Spring Breakfast Was The Place to Be!

Energy and enthusiasm filled The Amber Room on April 26th when RVNAhealth hosted its 23rd Annual Spring Breakfast. More than 400 guests joined us for the early morning gathering that has become the place to be on the last Friday of April each year!

The event is held to raise critical funds to support nursing, rehabilitation and hospice care in the home, as well as our mission-driven community programs like Well-Child Clinics for uninsured children, Chronic Care for vulnerable elderly or disabled individuals, and the Nurse Family Partnership. This year’s Spring Breakfast was a record breaker in attendance for RVNAhealth as business partners, health care professionals, civic leaders, donors and friends came together over breakfast to learn about the breadth of RVNAhealth services and their impact across 35+ communities in the area.

Our Impact Speaker, Anne Mead, Ed. D., Director of Family, School and Community Partnerships for the Danbury Public Schools, shared insight into the partnership between RVNAhealth and the Danbury Schools, explaining that this partnership is invaluable to ensure health and access to education for our most vulnerable students and their families. Ms. Mead described the profound impact RVNAhealth’s Well-Child Program in Danbury has had, emphasizing the long-term, often life-changing, benefits the program provides to the families it serves and to the community as a whole.

We were thrilled to welcome Danbury Mayor Robert Alves, New Milford Mayor Pete Bass, Newtown First Selectman Jeff Capeci, Bethel First Selectman and RVNAhealth Board member Dan Carter, Kent First Selectman Marty Lindenmeyer, Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi, and Roxbury First Selectman Patrick Roy. Also in attendance was Connecticut State Senator Julie Kushner, who presented a proclamation to the RVNAhealth Well-Child team in recognition of their collaboration with the Danbury Public Schools to provide medical care, immunizations, translation services, and access to social services to students in need. More than 500 Danbury children have benefitted from the program.

RVNAhealth is grateful to our many sponsors, guests, and supporters for hosting tables, buying raffle tickets, tipping their hosts, and bidding on auction items. Enjoy our event photo gallery below! Photos courtesy of Deborah K. O’Brien Photography