RVNAhealth Parkinson’s Center Resource Page

Parkinson's Program Video Library

Welcome to our platform showcasing a collection of recorded live programs dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of Parkinson’s Disease. Our website serves as a virtual archive, capturing the essence of live events that have brought together experts, patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in a shared mission to shed light on Parkinson’s Disease. 

Adaptive Equipment Recommendations

Our online adaptive equipment recommendations provide personalized solutions to enhance accessibility and improve the overall experience for individuals with diverse needs.

RVNAhealth Parkinson’s Center Events


To schedule an appointment or inquire about therapy services:


For therapy services at one of our facilities, call (203) 438-7862
or email rehabcenter@rvnahealth.org


For therapy services through our home health services, call (203) 438-5555 or email intake@rvnahealth.org