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Our Rehabilitation and Wellness Center now offers several recurring exercise classes in our new Wellness Studio. Click below to learn more about these recurring classes and  please keep checking back for new programs. 

  • Balance and Beyond   – RVNAhealth is excited to announce the introduction of its new public fitness class, “Balance & Beyond.”  An ongoing twice-weekly drop-in class (come for one or come for all!) that focuses on building muscle, restoring balance and improving your walk or jog, all while giving your brain a great workout!
  • Strength and Beyond   – For those looking for a bit more challenge above the Balance and Beyond class, this higher intensity interval training class will have you moving through a series of upper and lower body strengthening, functional mobility, balance and cognitive stations all customized to meet your fitness level and goals. An ongoing twice-weekly drop-in class (come for one or come for all!), this program is geared towards everyone, with a focus of those finding it difficult to start an exercise program or those who need help progressing their current exercise program.   
  • Living BIG – Living BIG addresses the problem of patients’ movements becoming smaller and more tentative as Parkinson’s Disease progresses. Each class, the therapist takes the patient through a series of whole-body LSVT BIG exercises aimed at improving strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Exercises are all exaggerated to reinforce that the patient needs to make his or her movements bigger.
  • Living LOUD –  Living LOUD tackles the soft voice, mumbled speech, monotone speech and hoarse voice that often afflict Parkinson’s patients. Structured activities that work the patient’s vocal range teach them to increase volume without straining their voices.  In each session, the therapist takes the class through a series of rigorous vocal exercises that alternate between loud and soft.

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Effect on Gait Speed, Balance, Motor Symptom Rating, and Quality of Life in Those with Stage I Parkinson’s Disease Utilizing LSVT BIG®
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