“You are our Family”

One Couple’s Journey to Leaving a Legacy

Sal and Janet Cianci have shared a remarkable journey over their 43 years of marriage – one that has been interwoven with RVNAhealth for the past 11 years.  The beautiful realtor and charming dressmaker met while vacationing in Japan, and started a life together in Brooklyn, NY, before eventually settling in Fairfield County, CT.  Their bond and commitment to each other and their community is one we are fortunate to witness to this day.

We were first introduced to Sal and Janet in 2007, when they joined our team of dedicated volunteers.  As active residents of Redding for more than 20 years, they wished to remain living independently in their beautiful home.  They knew they weren’t alone, as many of their friends and neighbors had the same desire.  Sal and Janet were without any immediate family in the area. The question remained as to whether there were enough resources and support in place for them to do this safely.

At the same time, RVNAhealth was creating its Quality Living at Home Program (QLAH), a free aging-in-place outreach program that helps people remain in their homes in a safe, healthy and socially connected way.  Sal and Janet were QLAH Redding Committee members and encouraged the Town of Redding’s Commission on Aging to join forces with RVNAhealth to get this program off the ground. QLAH connects members with local programs and services, such as the police, ministry, pharmacy, grocery stores, senior centers, health clinics, recreational opportunities, medical professionals, home maintenance services and transportation to promote independent living as long as possible.

The program has helped seniors, including Sal and Janet, fulfill their dream to remain at home in their later years.  The Ciancis have also spent countless hours volunteering their time at our annual Health and Wellness Fair, flu clinics, and more. They believe in our mission so much that they expressed their desire to join our 1914 Legacy Society and leave a bequest to RVNAhealth as part of their estate plan.  We are honored and grateful for their generosity and dedication to protect our future.

Recently Sal and Janet moved to a wonderful assisted living facility in a neighboring town with which RVNAhealth has a strong relationship.  Although not an easy decision, they knew it would provide the care they need at this stage of life.  RVNAhealth will always remain part of their circle of support; and the Ciancis will always be part of our agency’s success thanks to the impact their gracious planned gift will make.

To date, there are more than 50 members of the 1914 Legacy Society who have made gifts that will help secure our future for another 103+ years, and enable us to provide exceptional care to thousands of people from birth to end of life.  If you believe in the mission of RVNA, or we have made an impact in your life or the life of someone you love, we ask that you  consider leaving a legacy gift like Janet and Sal have done, so we may continue to be the healthcare leader in your community.

We are getting older and can’t do as much on our own; we need help. RVNAhealth is the vehicle. You are our family.”
– Sal Cianci, October 2017

To learn more about the 1914 Legacy Society and legacy gifts to RVNA, please contact Mary Jean Heller, director of philanthropy, at (203) 438-5555.

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