Working Forward Through COVID-19 …

The recent Omicron surge was a bit deflating, seeming to take us backward rather than forward and interrupting many a holiday celebration. But before we get too down on the present, it’s important to  remember where we came from.  

While RVNAhealth has never closed our doors or turned a patient away during the pandemic, the unknowns over the past two years have certainly outweighed the knowns. For most of 2020, the world was marked by fear, anxiety, and isolation.  Just a year ago, in early 2021, we were all battling with VAMS (the computer scheduling system) and scrambling to vaccinate and get vaccinated.  As the end of 2021 approached, optimism was in the air. Life as we knew it seemed within reach.

Omicron challenged that. Intensely contagious, it hit many unaware, and the timing wasn’t good. 

But there was encouraging news with Omicron. Among the vaccinated, the severity indicators —  hospital length of stay, ICU admissions, deaths — were all lower than previous variants, especially in those who were boosted. A step in the right direction.   

At RVNAhealth today, we continue our COVID-19 efforts, bringing Boosters to the homebound and to  congregate settings, and keeping our own team in action, able to serve the patients and communities who need us every day — not only for COVID-related conditions, but for all the services we offer, from wellness and prevention to end-of-life care. 

While pandemics are not predictable, we are buoyed to see a healthy return to such offerings as post-surgery nursing and rehabilitation and important vaccines like Shingles and Tdap. The 2022 RVNAhealth Wellness Fair is also on the calendar in May, offering preventive screenings and tests to help us catch up after the pandemic lapse. 

Life is coming back, slowly but surely, and RVNAhealth remains committed to the health of our communities.  Meanwhile, a look back reminds us of all we’ve done and been through, and keeps us hopeful in the present. 

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