What is Home Health and a Visiting Nurse Anyway?

Most of us don’t worry — or even think about — home healthcare until we or a family member needs it. Then we scramble and make the best choice we can at a critical time.

Since that’s not typically the best route to quality care, here is a brief primer on the topic.

What It Is
Home healthcare refers to the clinical care one receives at home following a stay in a hospital or facility or after an episode, illness, or injury. It is intended to aid recovery and prevent relapse. Home healthcare providers may include skilled nurses; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; and home health aides.

How It Works
Prior to discharge from a hospital or facility, or after an episode or injury, you will be prescribed Home Health services if you are temporarily homebound and require additional clinical attention. You may be referred by your physician, the hospital, or you may contact a home health agency directly to initiate services. Even if you don’t like the idea of visitors in your home, it’s wise to accept and utilize the available services. They will make a difference in your recovery.

At a hospital/facility, case managers are required to provide you with a choice of available agencies. They must not make the decision for you. You will have many agencies to choose from and it can be bewildering. That’s why it’s good to be informed in advance.

What to Look For
You will want exceptional clinical service and reliability. Medicare-certified agencies meet rigorous standards of quality. Also look for 7-day-a-week and prompt start of care, low re-hospitalization rate, and a range of services to support your evolving needs. Word-of-mouth recommendations are also meaningful. The agency you choose will determine the quality of care you receive.

With a century-old tradition of delivering exceptional care and services, RVNAhealth is an excellent home health choice. If you choose RVNA, be certain to ask for us by name.  Or better yet, call us yourself.  RVNAhealth is truly your VNA. To learn more, visit rvnahealth.org or call 203-438-5555.

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