To Know Them is To Love Them

Bill Bagley and RVNAhealth's Casey Sarmiere following a therapy session. On favorable days, and when appropriate, therapy sessions may include a trip around the RVNAhealth building.

Above: RVNAhealth Outpatient Clinic ManagerCasey Sarmiere, MSPT, enjoys a pleasant day with a patient outside the RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center.

October is National Physical Therapy (PT) month but at RVNAhealth our physical therapists are celebrated every day of the year by the patients they treat. In part, because PTs are the ultimate problem solvers, working to identify and address physical issues and return their patients to greater strength and mobility. But also because of their undivided attention, commitment to their patients’ progress and goals, and for their sensitivity and kindness. 

Just listen. “In June 2020, I had a total left hip replacement and engaged RVNAhealth for multiple services because I live alone. All were exceptional. I cannot say enough good things about my in-house physical therapist. She is professional, caring and so insightful and experienced. She helped me get to the next level quickly…”

And again. “There are times when God puts special people in our lives to help us. RVNAhealth’s therapy team has continuously helped me recover from falls, broken arm, stroke, and hospitalization for AFib. How do you thank this tremendous team for giving you a better quality of life?!”

These accolades are not isolated instances! Plus, sentiments of satisfaction are also represented by our Rehabilitation & Wellness Center patient survey statistics: 96% of patients are extremely likely to recommend RVNAhealth and 97% rate our PT’s understanding of their condition and goals as “excellent.”  

Learn more at and during October, stop by the Rehab Center to receive a free exercise band and check out what we have to offer!

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