These Volunteers are CERTainly Exceptional!

The best teams are comprised of individuals who all excel at their singular positions, work in unity together toward a common mission, and who truly care. The COVID-19 vaccination team at Yanity Gym is no exception.  Since January, this team, a collaboration between RVNAhealth and the Town of Ridgefield, has worked closely together with a single intent – to vaccinate individuals in a safe, comfortable and efficient manner, to help put an end to the global pandemic.  It’s a critical mission and no small feat, and every vaccine provider across the world appreciates the weight of the responsibility of their work.

Today, in celebration of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we’d like to recognize a special part of the Yanity team — the Town of Ridgefield CERT volunteers, aka the Ridgefield CT Community Emergency Response Team. Organized in 2007 by career officers and volunteer members of the Department of Emergency Management, a component of the Ridgefield Fire Department, the mission of Ridgefield CERT is to serve the citizens of Ridgefield and the surrounding towns in times of disaster, community emergencies and town-wide events.  

And indeed they do.

At the Yanity Gym COVID-19 Vaccination Operation, the CERT volunteers work alongside the RVNAhealth team and Town employees and serve in several important roles including greeting, registering, and “trafficking” all the vaccine recipients.  At the greeter stations, the volunteers take temperatures, screen for eligibility, and ensure that there is no reason the individual cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  At registration, individuals are checked in, sign forms, and insurance cards are scanned. And as traffic directors, the CERT volunteers maintain the flow and direct individuals to the next available station.

As anyone who has been vaccinated at Yanity Gym can attest, the Ridgefield CERT volunteers take their roles and the operation seriously and are committed to a safe, smooth, and pleasant experience — even if one is getting a shot!

Thank you to the CERTs for your commitment to our community and congratulations on a job well done.

See the Yanity Team in action.

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