Thank You Ridgefield High School Interns!

They came, they conquered, they left!

So it goes with high school interns. But we treasured the time we had, and sincerely thank our three Ridgefield High School interns, Sarah Cordisco, Rachel Johnston, and Katie Schoenherr, who joined us in May and helped us in ways too myriad to mention.

We appreciated their energy, insights, and enthusiasm and welcome them back whenever they’re in town!

Rachel Johnston

Rachel spent her days at Rehab by RVNA, our onsite physical therapy and rehabilitation center.  Rachel’s goal?  To confirm or deny her interest in the field of physical therapy. Was she convinced? “Yes!” says Rachel. “By looking at the way the therapists interacted with the patients, I learned that it takes a lot of social skills in addition to medical knowledge to be the most helpful.”  Rachel was also impressed by the positivity of the Rehab patients — who were upbeat and interested in her future, even as they came in for their own treatments — as well as the closeness and collegiality of the Rehab by RVNA team.

Rachel now looks forward to two weeks of European travel, followed by summer lifeguarding, and preparing for her first year at Bucknell University.

Sarah Cordisco and Katie Schoenherr

Sarah and Katie spent their RVNAhealth internships working and helping nearly every department in the organization. From philanthropy to marketing to clinical, making blankets, creating mailings and materials, they saw it all.

Their favorite part? Going out in the field with RVNAhealth clinicians to visit patients. “It was so much fun!” they exclaimed. And the clinicians agree. They were a breath of fresh air indeed.

For the summer, Katie will continue her job as a hostess at Hoodoo Brown in Ridgefield (bonus dining tip: Tuesday nights are the least crowded) with travel plans to Rhode Island, Long Beach Island, and …. Aruba with her family. “It’s my first time out of the country!” says Katie.  And Sarah departs promptly for Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT where she’ll be a camp counselor through mid-August, returning just in time for her next adventure.

In the fall, Sarah heads north to study nursing at the University of Vermont and Katie heads south to the nursing program at the University of Delaware, where they’ll both expand upon their recent learnings.

Thank you again interns, we’ll miss you and … Godspeed!

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