Sponsor Spotlight: How Do You Spell ‘Partner”?

Partnership. Noun. The state of being a partner.   P-A-R-T-N-E-R-S-H-I-P

Pictured Left to Right: David Schneider (Chief Executive Officer of Fairfield County Bank), Theresa Santoro, (RVNA President and CEO), Alice Meenan (RVNAhealth former Director of Donor Relations), Daniel Berta (President of Fairfield County Bank)

If you attended the recent RVNAhealth Spelling Bee, you would have noted that Fairfield County Bank was the title sponsor of this annual fundraising event, responsible in large part for bringing the Bee to life since 2012 and for giving RVNAhealth another fun and friendly way to draw community attention and support to our organization.

Which well defines the nature of Fairfield County Bank and their partnership with RVNAhealth – it’s a relationship that has spanned decades; is philanthropic and collegial; and does much more than support RVNAhealth financially, it also encourages us to build and thrive on our own with their support at the foundation.

As Theresa Santoro, RVNAhealth President & CEO explains, “RVNA’s growth and innovation have been due, in no small part, to the support received throughout the years from Fairfield County Bank, its employees, and its board members. From banking, insurance, and investments to guidance, advice, and support across countless volunteer hours, the impact Fairfield County Bank has had on RVNAhealth has been immeasurable. They are a sponsor, a partner, a mentor, a friend … and we are very appreciative and happy customers.”

Founded in 1871, Fairfield County Bank is a cornerstone in the communities it calls home. It has grown and expanded in its business sector while remaining true to its roots as a community-minded business with a passion for philanthropy. Each year, they invest about $1 million into 330 nonprofits and lend over 4,000 hours of time and expertise. Fairfield County Bank corporate leadership, employees, and even the spouses of employees are all engaged in its philanthropic efforts.

Fairfield County Bank has been an RVNAhealth partner for two decades. Members of the Fairfield County Bank community serve on our Board of Directors, Board Committees, and Event Committees. They were awarded RVNAhealth’s Community Partnership Award in 2012; were significant contributors to our campaign to build the Center for Exceptional Care; and, as a pioneering member of our Governor’s Society, Fairfield County Bank continues to support not only the Spelling Bee but also the Autumn Dinner and Spring Breakfast.

Throughout the relationship, Fairfield County Bank and RVNAhealth have worked in parallel, sharing mutual respect, similar values, and a similar history. “We are extremely proud to say that Fairfield County Bank has been supporting RVNAhealth, a local non-profit whose roots started in Ridgefield just like our own, for more than 20 years,” said Dan Berta, President of Fairfield County Bank. “The home healthcare their dedicated employees provide is admirable while the community wellness services they offer are of incredible value to our community members. We are pleased to contribute to an organization whose services make a profound difference. Watching RVNAhealth grow over the years and extend their services to 28 towns while increasing the number of residents and businesses they help is beyond rewarding.”

And while, among the two, RVNAhealth is the organization dedicated to helping individuals age with dignity and independence, Fairfield County Bank is the perfect example of how to grow and evolve gracefully as a business. “We’ve been very fortunate to closely observe Fairfield County Bank as a role model and leader in their own history and growth in the banking industry,” says Theresa Santoro, President and CEO of RVNAhealth. “In doing so, we’ve set our own course of growth in health care.”

How do we spell partnership? Fairfield County Bank.

Interested in learning more about RVNAhealth’s Governor Society? Please contact Mary Jean Heller, Director of Philanthropy, at mjheller@rvnahealth.org or 203.438.5555 ext. 1028.

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