RVNAhealth Wellness Fair Goes Virtual

RVNAhealth Virtual Wellness Fair logo: How do you REALLY Feel? Find out at the RVNAhealth Virtual Wellness Fair. Going live at RVNAhealth.org on June 13, Global Wellness Day
Special web page offers screenings and information to help you stay on top of your health.

When an event has run strong for 46 years, cancellation does not come easily. Which is why RVNAhealth has moved our annual Wellness Fair online this year. “Every year at the Health & Wellness Fair, we host new guests and new families, and every year, we welcome back many of our regulars,” explains Theresa Santoro, RVNAhealth President and CEO. “While hosting in person this year was not an option, we want to continue to offer the opportunity and encouragement for people to take stock of their health and recognize if any areas need attention. It’s not good to let things go – even if there is a pandemic in town.”

Katelyn Scribner, Marketing & Programs Coordinator at RVNAhealth, who organizes the Fair each year, also sees opportunities in the new medium. “Having the Fair online means that it can be live all year long. We’re launching the Virtual Wellness Fair at RVNAhealth.org on Saturday, June 13, to coincide with Global Wellness Day, but we plan to update and refresh the page regularly with information, screenings – even videos and webinars — that become available and relevant at different times throughout the year.”  

An additional benefit of the Virtual Wellness Fair is that it allows attendees to complete screenings at one’s own pace – all in one fell swoop; or one a day; when you’re feeling your best; or at whatever schedule best suits you.  

The Virtual Fair is launching with over 20 health screenings ranging from hearing and vision to vascular health and sleep disorders.  “At the live Wellness Fair, we aim for exhibitors and screenings that help you assess your health from head to toe. We’re keeping that same theme going with the online version too,” says Scribner.  “The majority of screenings can be completed easily and quickly and there is direction for next steps if your results require.”

The Virtual Wellness Fair is open to all and appropriate for all ages. While most little ones may not yet have cause for concern about their cholesterol, they will no doubt enjoy the balance exercises, eye tests, and taking their pulse – and they can even check their home school set-ups to see how they fare on the ergonomics test. 

The RVNAhealth Virtual Wellness Fair will go live at RVNAhealth.org on Saturday, June 13 at 10:00am – at the same time the live event traditionally opens up.  There is no scheduled closing time.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

RVNAhealth is very grateful to our 2020 Health & Wellness Fair sponsors, who are continuing to support the event in its new incarnation. Our sponsors include:

Gold Sponsors: BMW of Ridgefield, Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation

Silver Sponsors: Adam Broderick Salon & Spa; Bethel Health Care Center; Blue Sky Behavioral Health; OrthoConnecticut; The Vascular Experts

Bronze Sponsor: Webster Bank

Additional Support: Caraluzzi’s Market

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