RVNAhealth In Your Town…Danbury, CT Spotlight

This month we profile Danbury, CT. We have been fortunate to develop many close relationships through our patients, healthcare partners, vaccine clinics, well-child clinics, and numerous other collaborations. And Danbury is home for a significant portion of our RVNAhealth employee population!  Read on for fun facts about Danbury, what we’ve been up to there, and a few words with Danbury friends.

Fun Facts about Danbury:

  • Size: Approximately 85,000 people call Danbury home.
  • Fun Facts: Danbury’s nickname is the “Hat City”, stemming from its leading history in the hat industry in the U.S. at the turn of the century.  Danbury also has a mineral named after it — danburite — check it out! And, lastly, Danbury’s name originates from the village of Danbury in Essex, England.
  • RVNAhealth Fact: Danbury is home to nearly 100 RVNAhealth employees!
  • While in Danbury…Our own employee recommendations:

RVNAhealth Recent Events & Activities in Danbury:

  • COVID Clinics in Danbury (May-Sept 2021). RVNAhealth hosted 48 pop-up COVID-vaccination clinics in locations throughout Danbury from May-September 2021.  These clinics were hosted at convenient locations that people would be visiting throughout their day-to-day, including grocery stories, churches, the library, the Farmer’s Market and at trusted community organizations.  Through the clinics, we provided 840 COVID vaccinations and 217 free boxes of food to community members.
  • Flu Clinics in Danbury. RVNAhealth administered 393 flu vaccines across 12 Danbury clinics for the ’21-’22 flu season.
  • Well Child Clinics – Danbury Public School Partnership (ongoing). RVNAhealth is honored to be partnering with Danbury Public Schools to offer local well-child clinics. This partnership was recently recognized as a statewide model for its ability to remove barriers for families to receiving well-child services upon registering their child to school.
  • Community Food Rescue of Danbury Collaboration (ongoing). Since June of 2021, RVNAhealth has distributed over 600 bags of food to families in need at pop-up COVID vaccination clinics and well-child clinics. Over 400 of these bags were donated by our dedicated community partner, Community Food Rescue of Danbury.
  • Nurse Family Partnership in Danbury (ongoing).Our RVNAhealth NFP team provides eligible young first-time mothers with free nursing support from pregnancy through age 2. And, if you drive in Danbury on Padanaram Road, have you seen our new NFP billboard (if not, see picture below)?
  • RVNAhealth’s Autumn Dinner (September 2021) and Spring Breakfast (May 2022). Held at The Amber Room Colonnade in Danbury, these annual fundraising events were welcomed back in-person.  It was wonderful to gather and celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of RVNAhealth, thanks to our donors, sponsors, and supporters.
  • Danbury Westerners Baseball Club Sponsor (2021 & 2022). We’ve enjoyed supporting and cheering for this talented local team! And they have played host to RVNAhealth’s family fun nights for the past 2 summers!

Words from Danbury Friends and Supporters of RVNAhealth:

“As Social Workers in a skilled nursing facility it is very important to form strong relationships with our community partners to ensure that our residents / patients receive the best care in skilled nursing facilities and once they return to the community. Glen Hill has formed a strong and trusting relationship with RVNAhealth and we appreciate everything they do! Thanks RVNAhealth” – Glen Hill Center Social Work Team

“I choose to volunteer for RVNAhealth because it’s an organization that I truly believe in.  The many programs they offer are an invaluable asset to Danbury and the other 34 towns they serve.  I first came to be a volunteer after receiving RVNAhealth services for my mother, then my father, and both of my in-laws.  The caring services RVNAhealth provided were a welcome extra set of helping hands, foundation for comfort for both the patients and myself and family during the difficult time.  The people who work in in-home care are more than care providers, they become extended members of the family.  I am happy to contribute my time to an organization that does so much good for the area.” – Cathy Moore, RVNAhealth Volunteer, Danbury resident

“I have been working at RVNAhealth for just under a year.  In that time, I have come to understand why my fellow employees continue to dedicate their time here, year after year.  There is a genuine level of support, camaraderie, and purpose that is hard to describe, but easy to see.  Having an organization like this, right here in our back yard, has brought a lot of satisfaction and joy to my life and to the lives of those I work with every day.” – Ryan Ventura, RVNAhealth Account Manager, Danbury resident

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