RVNAhealth Heads to the Ball Fields

We all need children in our lives, which is why RVNAhealth was especially honored and happy to sponsor a minor league team in the New Milford Youth Baseball and Softball League this past spring. Our team name? Why RVNAhealth, of course!

Our first foray into the sport had all the elements of a classic season: a debut coach; a fresh squad of eager 8 to 10 year-olds; an end-of-season pizza party; and plenty of fun and mirth along the way.  Thank you to RVNAhealth’s Jeff Panepento, MSPT for coaching the team and bringing this experience our way. Jeff is a highly-skilled – and beloved – physical therapist at RVNAhealth who sees patients both in home and at our Rehabilitation & Wellness Center. When working with patients, his coaching skills are never far behind (see photo at right).

Next season we envision team t-shirts and a full team name. We’re thinking the RVNAhealth Vaccinators, but certainly open to suggestions, so put on your thinking caps and send in your ideas!

See the Spring 2021 RVNAhealth team below!


Team RVNAhealth 
(left of RVNAhealth banner, standing) Coach Jeff Panepento, Chris Cossuto, Jackson Borges, Matthew Muller, (kneeling) Ryan Levesque

(right of RVNAhealth banner, standing) Luke Tomasello, Jaxson Parrish, Joseph Panepento, Patrick Sarsfield,  Coach Patrick Sarsfield and Coach Melissa Cossuto (kneeling at front) Logan Gulack, Braydon Pancoast

Missing from photo: Trace Conway, Nathan Ferraro

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